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Alternative Press Week in Review

Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream 

December 29, 2003 


A weekly roundup of news, announcements, articles and other items of interest.



Free Tommy Chong



Announcing the P.U.-Litzer Prizes for 2003



Mad Cow USA: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?


Articles of the Week



Involuntary Servitude: Army Prevents Many Soldiers From Quitting
Lee Hockstader, Washington Post

Through a series of stop-loss orders, the Army alone has blocked the possible retirements and departures of more than 40,000 soldiers, about 16,000 of them National Guard and reserve members who were eligible to leave the service this year. Hundreds more in the Air Force, Navy and Marines were briefly blocked from retiring or departing the military at some point this year. 



Troop morale in Iraq is low and getting lower

Mick Youther, Intervention Magazine
The Bush Administration justified their war with lies, and now our soldiers are the ones who are paying the price. President Bush is generous with his public praise for the troops, but behind the scenes, he and the Republican-led Congress are methodically cutting or eliminating benefits for the military and their families. No wonder there is a morale problem.



Our Troops and Theirs

Suvrat Raju, ZNet

First and foremost, we need to acknowledge the right of the Iraqi people to resist imperialism in any way they see fit. This includes the right to violent resistance.



Prosecuting the War Party Press
Mark Hand, Press Action

If our nascent international justice system wanted to prove its evenhandedness, the next great media war crimes trial would take place in Washington, with the top officials and editors of the leading news organizations escorted into the dock. The first round of official legal proceedings by the International Criminal Tribunal for the United States,
once it's formally established, could target the honchos at my local newspaper, the Washington Post, for incitement to mass murder and crimes against journalistic decency.



Revealed -- Saddam's Network or a PSYOPS Campaign?
Sam Gardiner, MediaChannel.org
We are seeing an orchestrated media campaign by the administration and a psychological operation aimed at the insurgents in Iraq. The success of this campaign can be measured by recent articles in The Washington Post and The Christian Science Monitor.



Embedded Media
by U.S. 1st Marine Division
Media were not to be "escorted," they were to be "adopted" and made members of the Division family. This subtle difference framed the Division's desired approach to interactions between Marines and the media and resulted in quick assimilation of journalists into the ranks, rapidly establishing strong bonds. Likewise, the media agreed to established ground rules and honored them.



Britain's security services and journalists: The secret story
British Journalism Review, David Leigh
British journalists - and British journals - are being manipulated by the secret intelligence agencies, and I think we ought to try and put a stop to it.



Revealed: how MI6 sold the Iraq war
Nicholas Rufford, The Times (UK)

The Secret Intelligence Service has run an operation to gain public support for sanctions and the use of military force in Iraq. The government yesterday confirmed that MI6 had organised Operation Mass Appeal, a campaign to plant stories in the media about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. 



A Pox on Fox: Latest Lies From Fox News
Dale Steinreich, Antiwar.com
On the "Fair and Balanced" Fox, Miller inexplicably forgets to mention the extensive U.S. involvement in effectively creating and sustaining the Hussein monster:  no mention of the U.S.-aided assassination of Abdul Karem Kassim and rise of the Baathists in March 1963 (also the U.S.-aided putsch of '68 - a great help to Saddam), no mention of Reagan-administration support for Hussein (including ingredients for biological and chemical weapons) during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, no mention of former Hussein buddy Don Rumsfeld's December 19, 1983 and March 24, 1984 visits to Baghdad (the latter visit being on the very same day as press reports that a U.N. team found that Iraqi forces had used mustard gas laced with a nerve agent on Iranian soldiers).



Journalists Take Flak in Iraq
Laura Rozen, The Nation
When US Central Command has good news to report in Iraq, as it did after troops from the Fourth Infantry Division captured Saddam Hussein on December 13, it adores the media. But journalists say that when there's bad news--a helicopter crash, a mortar attack--they are increasingly being blocked from covering the story by US soldiers, who frequently confiscate and destroy their film disks and videotapes.



US military using brutality, fear, and intimidation in Al-Adamiyah
Dahr Jamail, Electronic Iraq

On September 24th, there was a huge demonstration in the Al-Adamiyah sector of Baghdad in support of Saddam Hussein, but even more, the demonstration was in opposition to the US occupation of Iraq. Photos were taken of the demonstrators by the Americans, and that night there were home raids and over 100 people detained, from teenagers to old men. Even some women were detained.



United in opposition to the occupation
Dahr Jamail, ICH

"If someone invades your house, kills some of your relatives while taking the rest to jail, steals your things, remains in your home and then threatens you and tries to tell you what to do in your own home, what would you do? Would you welcome him with flowers? What would you do if this happened to you in your home?"



Iraq through the American looking glass

Robert Fisk, The Independent
Insurgents are civilians. Tanks that crush civilians are traffic accidents. And civilians should endure heavy doses of fear and violence.


If You Can't Beat 'Em, Hire 'Em: Rumsfeld and the Assassins
Christopher Deliso, Antiwar.com

There's a new policy livening things up over at the Pentagon. Israeli-trained US Special Forces are planning to set up a "hit squad" of former Baathist Iraqi intelligence officers, men who could get the dirt on resistance leaders and ideally, kill them. That such a remarkable plan is even being considered indicates the desperation gripping the Bush Administration, as Iraq's deadly resistance campaign continues.



Nine months after US invasion: Fuel shortages, blackouts heighten Iraqi opposition to American occupation
Kate Randall, WSWS
More than nine months after the US invasion, the Iraqi people enter the new year facing rolling electricity blackouts, fuel rationing, a devastated communications system and a general crisis in the country's infrastructure.



Bush is author of dark chapter for America
Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star
While the president struts and smirks for the cameras in contrived situations - landing on an aircraft carrier to prematurely declare victory in Iraq or serving Thanksgiving turkey to soldiers in Baghdad - terrorism has increased under his watch. Not unlike the record rise in suicide bombings in Israel under Ariel Sharon.



Oil, War and the Euro

Allan Rubin, Axis of Logic
The long-term consequences of oil depletion will be enormous. There is no good substitute for oil. Neither coal, solar cells nor uranium can run cars or airplanes. Our electric grid, transportation and industrial processes are all dependent on cheap fossil fuels. Less obvious is that our food and water supplies are as well. Modern industrial agriculture is extremely energy-intensive. Energy is needed for running farm machinery, producing fertilizers and pesticides, pumping water for irrigation and transporting farm production vast distances to the places where it is consumed. All of these uses are now threatened. 



Uncle Sam Wants You, Eh? - Our Military Tries to Recruit Canada's Inuit
James Ridgeway, Village Voice
As Bush was ramping up the Iraq war last winter, Canadian military officials were startled to discover Pentagon recruiters roaming through their nation's native population reserves trying to persuade Inuit and others to enlist in the U.S. military. The Americans started cropping up on the Atlantic Coast in Quebec, in the Sault Sainte Marie area of Ontario, and in Western Canada.



Time's "Person of the Year" selection is appropriate - if we're talking about which person got screwed over the worst in 2003
Madeline Zane, Unknown News
Is having a fake honor bestowed upon them by a large media conglomerate supposed to make up for the fact that American soldiers are getting screwed out of their benefits, serving longer tours of duty than they ever signed up for, waiting in big concrete warehouses for months for medical care after they're wounded, paying their own airfare home for their alleged "leaves," and watching their comrades commit suicide in record numbers, not to mention the enormous number getting wounded and killed?



The Pentagon Declares War on America
Frank Morales, Global Outlook

The "PATRIOT Act" is a repressive "coordination" of the entities of force and deception, the police, intelligence and the military. It broadens, centralizes and combines the surveillance, arrest and harassment capabilities of the police and intelligence apparatus. Homeland defense is, in essence, a form of state terrorism directed against the American people and democracy itself. It is the Pentagon Inc. declaring war on America.



Orange alert in US-terrorizing the American public again
Bill Vann, WSWS
It immediately translates into heavily armed troops and specialized police patrolling US airports, train stations, government buildings, the Wall Street stock exchange in New York City, bridges, tunnels and other sites. Missile batteries are deployed near the White House and F-16s are scrambled for round-the-clock combat patrols over New York and Washington. Foreign visitors to the US are subjected to intense scrutiny and some are turned back for no justifiable reason, while immigrants residing in the US are once again threatened with arbitrary interrogations and arrests.



Juan Bosch: His Prophecy of a Fascist America
William Hughes, Prison Planet
When I was in NYC, on Feb. 15, 2003, I got my first glimpse of Bosch's view of this future, more sinister America. It was at an Anti-Iraq War rally. Instead of being allowed to march, as so many other groups are regularly permitted, (like the Irish on St. Patrick's Day), the Anti-war activists were enclosed for miles, along First Avenue, in serial cattle pen-like enclosures, (mini-police-created-protest zones), which were patrolled by a horde of mostly angry cops, many on foot, and some on horseback.



Is America Drifting Towards Fascism?

The Dolphin

Not surprisingly, many Americans today are frightened and upset at the direction the country is headed, with some people expressing fears that the country could be drifting towards authoritarianism, single-party rule, or even an American form of fascism.



Iraq Has Made us Safer From Terrorism My Ass
Doug Basham, OpEdNews.com
If the American people ever needed more inspiration to march on Washington, dismantle the White House brick by brick and throw the current, lying usurpers out on their worthless asses, consider this...



White Terror

Black Commentator

The Bush men decorate our holidays in Homeland Security yellow, orange and red, while demonizing Islamic green as the color of the most implacable foes of Western "civilization." Yet official silence conspires to hide genocidal maniacs in our midst who have sworn to erase the Black presence from the landscape of the United States: White Terror.



The Battle After Seattle

Victor Chen, In the Fray

Four years after the landmark 1999 protests in Seattle, times are tougher for the global justice movement. But activists are adapting by broadening their ranks, shifting their tactics, and envisioning an alternative world.



117 Palestinians killed, hundreds injured during media's "relative calm"
Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada

Contrary to the pervasive media claim that the period between 4 October and 25 December was one of "relative calm," "quiet" or "lull," it was actually one of intense Israeli violence on Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories.



Reducing the Palestinians: The Palestinian people cannot be legislated out of existence

Joseph Massad, Al-Ahram Weekly

In order to obtain a measure of independence from Israeli occupation for West Bank and Gaza Palestinians, the PA recognises Israel's right to be a Jewish racist state -- that has the right to discriminate against Israeli Palestinians -- and surrenders the internationally recognised rights of diaspora Palestinians to return and compensation. This has been the logic of Oslo, and it also governs the Geneva Document. 



Can Israel escape a binational future?
Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada
How ironic that the kinds of statements made against Jews in Europe in the 1930s can now be freely uttered in a supposedly "modern" and "liberal" Israel, without a peep from those fretting loudest about what they consider is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe.



End is nigh for the autonomous commune

Jason Burke, The Observer
Ever since local hippies, performance artists and homeless people seized a complex of old military barracks and refused to co-operate with the state 32 years ago, conservative politicians have sought to close Christiania down. Now, for the first time in Denmark's recent political history, an alliance of the commune's harshest political opponents has a majority in parliament. A law will be passed within months in effect ending the commune's de facto autonomy. Eviction notices will be issued shortly afterwards. 



Revolutionary Music Review of Evan Greer
Erin Osgood, Why-war.com

Emma Goldman once said, "If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution." From the Wobblies' union songs to the Pagans' chants to political punk, music has always played an important role in revolutionary movements around the world. But with Woody Guthrie and Phil Ochs no longer with us, and Bob Dylan moved on to... different things, who is going to lead the protest movement in rousing songs? The movement is not dead, and neither is the music. A new generation of political songwriters are picking up where the old folkies and The Clash left off.



The Mad Cow Prediction Comes True

Paul Watson, CounterPunch

Howard and Oprah had discussed the threat of e-Coli and Mad Cow Disease and Howard suggested that it was only a matter of time until Mad Cow Disease appeared in the United States. The cattlemen lost their suit but scoffed at, and publicly dismissed any suggestion that Mad Cow disease could occur in the United States.





'Tip of invisible iceberg': Mad Cow Disease may be widespread



USDA refused to release mad cow records



Expert warned that Mad Cow was imminent



The US government's public-relations drive to build a favorable impression abroad - particularly among Muslim nations - is a shambles



Militarization of America: soldiers patrol city streets



America deploys missiles around airports



Two years gone: Benemar Benatta was cleared of any connection to 9/11 yet U.S. government keeps him locked in solitary confinement



Saddam's captured, Gaddafi's given up . so why are we still on orange alert?



US may not be able to reduce number of troops in Iraq as planned next year



Iraq out of gas



Escalated Attacks Force Retreat From Wide-Ranging Plans for Iraq



Troubling report from the Pentagon demonstrates stark contrast between Administration's rosy public statements and the realities on the ground in Iraq



Pink slips greet returning soldiers



Alarming Increase in Suicides Among U.S. Soldiers Fighting in Iraq



Number of GIs killed and wounded in Iraq has more than doubled in the past four months



"February surprise" draft in 2005?



Feeling A Draft: New Alaska law ties PFD to draft registry



Blair's WMD claim dismissed by America's Baghdad chief



Saddam threatens to expose US



Rumsfeld backed Saddam even after chemical attacks



Israel shoots unarmed Israeli peace activist with live ammunition



Behind the "economic recovery": Hunger and homelessness continue to rise at double-digit rates in 2003



Jobless Count Skips Millions: Rate hits 9.7% when underemployed and those who quit looking are added



Bush opens 300,000 acres of Alaskan national forest to logging



Autonomy a Key Test for Mexican Rebels 10 Years On

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