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Alternative Press Week in Review

Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream

July 14, 2003 


A weekly roundup of news, announcements, articles and other items of interest.


20 Lies About the War


Falsehoods Ranging from Exaggeration to Plain Untruth Were Used to Make the Case for War. More Lies are Being Used in the Aftermath



Poll: Will the job market improve or will it continue to worsen?


Publication of the Week


Bitch (Issue no. 21, Summer 2003)


feminist response to pop culture


Articles of the Week


Trading on fear 


Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber, The Guardian
>From the start, the invasion of Iraq was seen in the US as a marketing project. Selling 'Brand America' abroad was an abject failure; but at home, it worked. Manufacturers of 4x4s, oil prospectors, the nuclear power industry, politicians keen to roll back civil liberties - all seized the moment to capitalise on the war. 


Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth 


Michael Parenti, Swans
Throughout the ages there has prevailed a distressing symbiosis between religion and violence. The histories of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam are heavily laced with internecine vendettas, inquisitions, and wars. Again and again, religionists have claimed a divine mandate to terrorize and massacre heretics, infidels, and other sinners. Some people have argued that Buddhism is different, that it stands in marked contrast to the chronic violence of other religions. But a glance at history reveals that Buddhist organizations throughout the centuries have not been free of the violent pursuits so characteristic of other religious groups.


Libraries under siege by Patriot Act


Charles Amsellem, Infoshop

Section 215 of the Patriot Act paves the way for law enforcement to peer into our reading habits and internet activity, not only at our nation's libraries but in bookstores as well. Furthermore, the act criminalizes anyone at any of those institutions who reveals that a warrant has been served on their patrons.


Our president is a criminal


Daniel Patrick Welch, Information Clearing House
The sheer audacity and cynicism of this coterie of hacks and hustlers is simply astounding. As a teacher, I won't let six-year-olds get away with such transparent sophistry. The bottom line is that Bush knew the information was bogus, and used it anyway to convince millions to go along with his phony war. For that alone, for the memory of the thousands of dead Iraqis and Americans, he deserves the il Duce treatment (figuratively speaking, Mr. Ashcroft-no need to start tapping my phone or putting me on no-fly lists).


Wanna run over protesters? Join the Oakland police department


AC Thompson, SF Bay Guardian

Known as "BUMP," or "Basic Use of Motorcycle Push", in Oakland police parlance, the city's policy was approved by chief Richard Word early this year and gives cops wide latitude to hit people with their thousand-pound Harley-Davidsons. 


The Super Queers


Annalee Newitz, Alternet

If we believe Wertham's assertion that there is something essentially queer about superheroes, it makes a strange kind of sense that queerness is becoming acceptable in mainstream culture at about the same time comic books are.


All We Are Here is Sitting Ducks


Tom Chittum, Prison Planet

Mark my words, entire units will mutiny. The national guard and reserve units will be the first to tell the brass to stuff it and just go on strike.


Consider the Parallels with Vietnam 


David Lindorff, CounterPunch>
As the war in Iraq grinds on and American casualties mount, the situation there is increasingly coming to resemble the one in Vietnam some 35-40 years ago. We even have a Defense Secretary who, like Robert McNamara before him, is an over-confident egotist devoid of self-doubt and incapable of tolerating criticism, and who thinks himself so brilliant that he can outsmart a popular insurgency and overpower it with fancy weaponry.


Mounting casualties, Iraqi resistance take toll on US troops http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/jul2003/iraq-j11.shtml

Patrick Martin, WSWS
The steady toll of casualties and the growing hostility of the population of Iraq to the US occupation have begun to have a marked impact on the morale of American troops. US soldiers have been increasingly willing to express their frustration and opposition to continued action in Iraq, in comments to their families, to the media and to congressional visitors.


Barge Poles


Chris Floyd, Moscow Times

In a political world blackened with the stinking pitch of lies, distortion and death-dealing hypocrisy, a shining knight of truth stepped boldly forth last week. With admirable -- if ruthless -- honesty, Polish Foreign Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz openly declared that his nation joined the Anglo-American crusade against Iraq for one purpose only: a share of the plunder from the conquered country's oil fields.


Mr Bush, You Are A Liar


William Rivers Pitt, TruthOut

Bush and the White House told the American people over and over again that Iraq was in possession of vast stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Bush and the White House said over and over again that this was a direct threat to the United States. Bush and the White House told the American people over and over again that Iraq was directly connected to al Qaeda terrorism, and would hand those terrible weapons over to the terrorists the first chance they got. Bush and the White House told Congress the same thing. Very deliberately, Bush and the White House tied a war in Iraq to the attack of September 11. It was all a lie. All of it.


Like mother, like son - The cowardice of Jonah Goldberg


Michelangelo Signorile, NY Press

Last week, I experienced first hand how some of them keep liberal voices off the airwaves by manipulating weak-kneed producers. I also got further insight into what complete cowards and wimps a lot of conservative pundits are, and why the liberal pundits who are up against them on the talk shows are usually so bland. 


BBC was most pro-war of British networks 


Robert Stevens, WSWS

"Indeed, far from revealing an anti-war BBC, our findings tend to give credence to those who criticised the BBC for being too sympathetic to the government in its war coverage. Either way, it is clear that the accusation of BBC anti-war bias fails to stand up to any serious or sustained analysis."


Chicago's Coughin'


Kari Lydersen, Clamor

Like many low-income and immigrant communities around the country, the Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods in Chicago lie in the shadow of various belching smokestacks.


Pentagon plans to track everything that moves


Noah Schachtman, Village Voice

The cameras are already in place. The computer code is being developed at a dozen or more major companies and universities. And the trial runs have already been planned. verything is set for a new Pentagon program to become perhaps the federal government's widest reaching, most invasive mechanism yet for keeping us all under watch. Not in the far-off, dystopian future. But here, and soon.


Clueless Army Wives


John DeLaubenfels, Strike the Root

These people (the ones who are willing to speak on the record, at least) are absolutely clueless as to why Iraqis aren't welcoming Americans with open arms. One woman's offering: "I do feel some anger towards Iraqi people. We're just trying to help them."   Riiiiight. We're from the Government and we're here to help you. Now bend over.


The worst kind of lie


John Chuckman, YellowTimes

I've often chuckled over the way Americans used to get so upset over the idea of communist propaganda. While Americans decried that propaganda, they themselves lived in a dense fog of advertising and propaganda.


Authoritarians Gone Wild


Ted Rall, Yahoo

He has canceled elections in Iraq. He will probably cancel them in Afghanistan. Will George W. Bush put the kibosh on elections in the United States next year?


Obit of a former contrarian


Dennis Perrin, City Pages

A friend and protégé tries to make sense of what's happened to Christopher Hitchens.




Yves Engler, ZNet

In the late 1870s and 1890s somewhere between 30 and 60 million people died during famines in those three countries. Most histories have explained away these famines as a result of ecological devastation, which is one of the causes that Davis highlights. Davis, however, is unsatisfied with this simplistic analysis. He argues that these countries were also ravaged by imperialist imposed "free" market reforms.


Food and Fuel


Richard Risemberg, New Colonist

Modern agriculture is a mess. It's almost completely oil-dependent, not just to transport food hundreds to thousands of miles from megafarms to cities and towns, but also for the synthetic fertilizers and poisons dumped on the plants and soils to maximize yield while minimizing labor costs.


A century after Orwell's birth, reality overtakes his classic


Roberto Lovato, In These Times

This June marked the 100th anniversary of Orwell's birth, and critics still love to invoke 1984. But the rapid proliferation of such public-private surveillance partnerships is only one facet of our current era that Orwell's classic dystopian novel couldn't predict. 


Amid official predictions of recovery, US jobless rate soared in June http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/jul2003/jobs-j08.shtml

Bill Vann, WSWS
Administration officials attempted to put a positive spin on this aspect of the figures, asserting that it was a sign of renewed confidence in the economy that more people were looking for work. Many analysts dismissed such self-serving claims. "Regardless of the reasons, there aren't enough jobs," Bill Cheney, chief economist for John Hancock Financial Services, told the Washington Post.


Cruel and illegal


Ali Abunimah, Electronic Iraq
United States occupation forces in Iraq are refusing to treat wounded and sick Iraqis if their injuries are not directly caused by the United States. This shocking behavior is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.


Say it: This is a quagmire


Tom Hayden, Alternet

Contrary to the expectations promoted by the Administration and media, Iraq is now a quagmire, not a cakewalk. Remember Jay Garner? Gone. Remember the cheering Iraqis with flowers? Never appeared. Remember the nukes and weapons of mass destruction? We're bribing and threatening informants.


Like Iraq, CIA Also Exaggerated Soviet Nuclear Threat During Cold War http://www.liberalslant.com/jl070703.htm

Jason Leopold, Liberal Slant
They say that history repeats itself. And so it does. Two years ago the Central Intelligence Agency released reams of intelligence documents on the former Soviet Union that had been classified for nearly 30 years. The findings were damning: the CIA for more than 10 years greatly exaggerated the nuclear threat the communist country posed to the world.





Subculture Store Finds Home in NW Basement



Why America is running out of gas



A quagmire for Bush?



Revealed: The great stock market swindle



The coming financial reality



Bush team unravels: bogus intel opens Pandora box



Rising Doubts: Credibility, Casualties begin to Dog Bush



Support for Bush declines sharply as casualties mount



Quit before it gets nasty, Blair told



Homes bulldozed to clear way for Bush



David Hicks faces a military court with secret evidence, secret witnesses - and a jail cell even if he wins



The administration is hiding bad economic news. Here's how.



Up to 25 attacks per day on US troops in Iraq



Bush knew Iraq info was false



Australian police block protest screening of banned film



U.S. report on 9/11 to be 'explosive'



Families live in fear of midnight call by US patrols



US changes reason for invading Iraq



White House 'lied about Saddam threat'



Entire town detained during Bush visit to Goree Island



Continuing jobless claims at 20-year high



Is Niger the smoking gun?



Guardian newspaper plans to launch US weekly



Clear Channel sued for firing anti-war DJ



The Gadflier



College dissertation considered a security threat



Grisly death enrages Iraqis - "Americans are terrorists"



Occupation's Ordeals Ravage Iraqi Psyche



US occupation troops losing morale in Iraq



Overuse of Army soldiers may cause them to leave ranks



US keen to exploit boom in Africa's black gold


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