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Alternative Press Review - Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
Tuesday - June 8, 2004

Genocide by Public Policy
Sam Bahour and Michael Dahan

Many words are taboo when used to describe Israel's actions
against Palestinians. One word in specific, genocide, sparks
emotions that echo across Israel, Europe and America. The
Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines genocide as "the deliberate
and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural
group." What is happening in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and
the Gaza Strip today is dangerously encroaching on genocide,
close enough so that the pictures of Palestinians in Rafah
loading their meager belongings on carts and evacuating their
homes are too reminiscent of another time, another place and
another people.

Peace by transfer -- Creating realities on the ground ought to be
a euphemism for Israeli state policy of ethnic cleansing
By Amy Mina. Al-Ahram Weekly

Last year, President George Bush declared Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon "a man of peace". First hand experience in the occupied
territories debases that myth of amity. Recently, in a mere
five-hour tour of the West Bank, I counted more than 70 army
jeeps on the roads, to say nothing of the checkpoints, the
heavily armed soldiers, the endless depots of Israeli army
paraphernalia. Nonetheless, what I saw and heard led me to
believe that peace can be, and is being, achieved. It is Peace
with a capital "p". It is a simple, yet seldom stated, plan:
Peace by ethnically cleansing the land of Palestinians.

Doctrines And Visions: Who Is To Run The World, And How?
by Noam Chomsky, Axis of Logic

The phrase "new imperial grand strategy" is not mine. It has a
much more interesting source: the leading establishment journal,
Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations.
The invasion of Iraq was virtually announced in Sept 2002, along
with the Bush Administration's National Security Strategy, which
declared the intention to dominate the world for the indefinite
future and to destroy any potential challenge to US domination.
The UN was informed that it could be "relevant" if it authorized
what Washington would do anyway, or else it could become a
debating society, as Administration moderate Colin Powell
instructed them.


Other articles of interest

Good Mourning, America: Reagan, Radicals, and Repetitive
By Mickey Z., Press Action

When I heard Ronnie Raygun had finally kicked off, I said aloud:
"One less war criminal in the world." When President (sic) Bush
heard the same news, he declared Friday, June 11, a "day of
national mourning" for the dead prez. I see Dubya and raise him
this: I declare Friday, June 11 a national day of mourning for
Raygun's victims. As Bill Blum says, Ronnie's "biggest crimes
were the bloody military actions to suppress social and political
change in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Afghanistan."

Welfare in America: Institutionalized Woman-Hating
By Kirsten Anderberg, www.kirstenanderberg.com

The current welfare system in America, run by state Departments
of Health and Social Services (DSHS) agencies, is domestic abuse,
pure woman-hating, and nothing else. It is very clear who women
and children are here to serve. The welfare system has done as
much dehumanizing of a population as any prison. Welfare workers
(an oxymoron if I ever heard one) are as abusive and
unaccountable as prison guards and cops. They seem to share that
perverse enjoyment at watching others squirm and suffer too. And
society acts like welfare moms deserve abuse, just like
prisoners. The welfare system benefits business and men, not
women and children.

Black Job Loss Déjà Vu
BY Betsy Leondar-Wright, Dollars & Sense

Think the typical job-loser in today's economy is a white
computer programmer whose job has been outsourced to India? Think



New York Times has burned its reputation on a pyre of lies about

Artist falls afoul of Patriot Act

Lockdown on Sea Island: The body bags have been shipped in,
locals are running scared, and foreigners are being arrested and

Bush was advised he could ignore torture laws

US military eyes northern Australia bases

The ominous price of American failure in Iraq

US troops may have Iraq tours extended again

New leaders in Iraq have deep ties to U.S

Expert Warns of More Summer Blackouts

Heavy Debt and Drought Drive India's Farmers to Desperation

After the oil runs out

Quest for energy is race against time: World faces a cataclysmic
economic and environmental future

Break out the bicycles: Oil is running out, but the west would
rather wage wars than consider other energy sources

The 'Super Size Me' Guy Has Become a Big Cheese

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