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Alternative Press Review - Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
Thursday - June 10, 2004

Settling for the System: How PunkVoter.Com Became Just Another
Tool of the Democrats
By Scott Evans, CounterPunch

Punk Voter's goal of mobilizing 500,000 youths for the Democratic
Party is, at best, a huge misdirection of time and energy or, at
worst, a destructive initiative that will serve to strengthen the
very political system that punk has made its reputation
attacking. Under the pretense of being a force for social change,
the punk subculture has signed up to do capitalism's dirty work
by reinforcing the fundamental mythology of representative
democracy: The system works--change comes from within.

Gas prices too high? Stop driving, fuckwads!
By PB Floyd, Infoshop.org

Americans and American society are addicted to cheap gasoline,
driving and fake "convenience" at the expense of anything
standing in the way - certainly the environment. Threaten the
gasoline supply or increase the price a few cents and Americans
lose their minds.

The Liberal Warriors And Airbrushers
by John Pilger, ZNet

The D-Day anniversary and the election campaign have been a rich
time for the kind of propaganda that marks the limits of
mainstream liberal debate in Britain. On 5 June, the Guardian
gave a whole news page to its discredited warmonger, David
Aaronovitch, whose support for the bloody invasion of Iraq in
2003 was in keeping with his defence of the bloody Soviet
invasion of Hungary in 1956.


Other articles of interest

Reagan: Media Myth and Reality
By Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting

As the media spend the week memorializing Ronald Reagan,
journalists are redefining the former president's life and
accomplishments with a stream of hagiographies that frequently
skew the facts and gloss over scandal and criticism.

Just DU It: Depleted Uranium and the Real Costs of Conquest
By Mickey Z.

The photos at http://www.einswine.com/atrocities/du/ will induce
nightmares. You will have to look away. I guess I should warn
those who might venture a look...but who warns those on the other
end of American bombs paid for by oblivious and/or supportive
American citizens? Who talks about the fact that the United
States has waged many nuclear wars...against Japan in 1945,
against Iraq from 1991 to present, in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia,
and on military bases like Vieques? Look at the photos. Share
them. Print them out. Then imagine how you'd feel if this
happened to your country, your city, or your family. To
paraphrase Ward Churchill: If we really want to end terrorism, we
have to stop killing other people's babies.

FREEDOM AIN´T FREE: How Three Burnt SUVs Bought Jeffrey Luers 22
Years in Prison
by Marjorie Skinner

His fateful action at Romania Chevrolet dealership in Eugene
represents more than an example of direct action. Despite the
fact that there were no injuries and only $40,000 worth of
damage, he was sentenced to 22 years and eight months in prison.
Of the 11 charges of which he was found guilty, three were for
arson in the first degree--one for each SUV, instead of one
charge for the single fire he started. Under Oregon's Measure 11,
he is ineligible for parole or reduced sentencing.



Political cartoonist defends anti-Reagan Web tirade

New Iraqi govt made up of CIA pawns

Rumsfeld 'told officers to take gloves off with Lindh'

Bush and Rumsfeld could be tried for war crimes

The Pinochet Principle: Bush Defends Torture in the Name of
National Security

Did a Government Lawyer "Aid and Abet" Possible War Crimes?

General: Corps badly stretched - US force in Iraq to grow as
Marine deployment pushed up

Iraqi Rebels Launch an Array of Attacks Across Iraq

US Economy: Recovery is Unsustainable

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