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Saturday - May 22, 2004

The Cruise Missile Left (part 5): Samantha Power And The Genocide
by Edward S. Herman, ZNet

Establishment politicians, media, and intellectuals use the word
genocide with great abandon, but with a hugely politicized
selectivity. It is an invidious word, like terrorism, so that
attaching it to an enemy and target is helpful in demonizing,
thereby setting up the target for bombing and invasion, and
establishing a case for pursuit of its leaders via assassination
squads or tribunals. Genocide was used often to describe the
"killing fields" of Pol Pot, but not the killing fields of
Vietnam where the United States ravaged the country, killed many
more people than did Pol Pot, and left a destroyed country and
chemical warfare heritage of hundreds of thousands of children
with birth defects.

By Bob Wing, War Times

Since September 11 the White House has framed its "war on
terrorism" in thinly veiled racial and religious terms: as a
crusade of the "civilized" against the "uncivilized." This
unsavory propaganda campaign has built upon a more than
decade-long effort by the government and the media to demonize
Arabs and Muslims as "bloodthirsty terrorists." This depiction
harkens back to the portrayal of Native Americans as savages out
to scalp the good white settlers who only wanted to bring light
to their dark existence--and, incidentally, to destroy their way
of life and occupy their land. The sexual humiliation of Iraqis
recalls the daily rape of black slaves. And the smiling faces of
the Abu Ghraib perpetrators and the trophy photos they took
remind us of the images of white people who gathered to enjoy the
lynching of black people in the South.

Crimes in Iraq: "As American as Apple Pie"
by Felicity Arbuthnot, GRC

There must be more ignorance in the Western world than most
thought, since surprise seems to be the dominant reaction to the
appalling evidence of alleged gruesome, barbaric and inhuman
treatment of Iraqi prisoners by US troops and the mercenaries
employed by them. The British largely appear unable to believe
that "our boys" are capable of similar treatment towards
detainees in their jurisdiction, in spite of graphic descriptions
by the Independent's Robert Fisk. However, "our boys," with their
American allies of the 1991 coalition, buried young Iraqi
conscripts alive in Iraq's southern desert. Youthful Iraqis were
simply bulldozed into trenches, according to a British Army
chaplain in an interview with this writer. Other soldiers tell of
playing football with the heads of the dead and taking "souvenir"
photographs, standing on or by burned out Iraqi tanks and
vehicles - often with the near-incinerated dead still inside.

by The Ox (Richard Oxman)

U.S. military personnel --who too many "progressives" want us to
support-- do have an economic alternative to joining up with the
genocidists and ecocidists. No matter how financially needy they
may be, they can always consider locating overly wealthy
individuals stateside...and mugging them for money. They do not
have to make a sick show of what they can do for their country
when pushed to extremes. If you think the above is some kind of
sad attempt at simulating Swift's satiric Modest Proposal, you're
wrong. For one, I'm quite serious.

American "Intelligence" Agencies: Past Incompetence Revisited
by Kirsten Anderberg, www.kirstenanderberg.com

Between 1947 and 1954, the House Un-American Activities Committee
(HUAC), created a "Red Scare," accusing all types of people, and
any type of critic of American policy, of being "Communists," and
therefore of being traitors, and threats to American safety. Just
as today, the government PROMOTED spying on thy neighbor for the


Additional articles of interest

Britain: Sacking of Mirror editor over Iraq abuse photos-a major
attack on press freedom
By Chris Marsden, WSWS

The sacking of Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan on May 14 is a
victory for a government-led campaign to silence all criticism of
the brutal occupation of Iraq. The Mirror is one of only two
British newspapers that has consistently opposed the war against
Iraq and been somewhat critical of the ongoing occupation.
Silencing its revelations of abuse of Iraqi prisoners by the
British army was essential for the Labour government of Prime
Minister Tony Blair, at a time when it faces growing difficulties
at home and abroad.

Genocide By Public Policy
By Sam Bahour and Michael Dahan, News from Within

Many words are taboo if used to describe Israel's actions against
Palestinians. One word in particular -- genocide -- sparks
emotions that echo across Israel, Europe, and North America. The
Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines genocide as "the deliberate
and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural
group." What is happening in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and
the Gaza Strip today is dangerously close to genocide, close
enough that photographs of terrified Palestinians in Rafah
loading their meager belongings onto carts and fleeing their
homes are all too reminiscent of another time, another place
another people.

War crimes of the U.S. empire
By Nicole Colson, Socialist Worker

"People in Iraq must understand...that what took place in that
prison does not represent the America that I know." So said
George W. Bush in interviews on Arab television last week, in
response to the pictures of U.S. soldiers torturing Iraqi
prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. But America has a long history of
torture, violence and bloodshed--committed at home and around the
world in the name of U.S. empire.

Imperial mementos
By Joseph Massad, Al-Ahram Weekly

The word "torture" seems to be a difficult word for Americans to
utter when they are caught in the act of committing it. But
political language has always been a malleable thing in America
just as it was in Orwell's 1984. Torture of POWs and detained
civilians, we are told, is "abuse of prisoners", murdered
civilians by US bombings are "collateral damage", strafing of
villages is "pacification", foreign occupation is "enduring
freedom", pillage of natural sources is "free trade," and so on
and so forth. While the American media and the American
educational system are quite adept at imparting to Americans this
elastic language, for the rest of the world, the horrifying
torture to which Iraqis have been subject will remain pure
torture. The only "abuse" being committed here is the abuse of
language by the American government and its subservient media.

Why the kill-for-oil culture will collapse and die
by Jan Lundberg, Culture Change

We need an alternative to the supermarket, to petroleum, and to
modern culture. "Shoulda been done long ago," sang Crosby,
Stills, Nash and Young in 1970 when they helped mobilize hundreds
of thousands of people against the expanded Indochina War.

Cargo Carma: We Got What We Asked For
By James Howard Kunstler, Orion

Americans thought that discount shopping would make their lives
better, that saving seven dollars on a hair dryer would make
America a better country. They were quite wrong. The Wal-Marts,
Targets, and Best Buys landed like the Martian mother ships from
The War of the Worlds, and in thirty years they have transformed
the American terrain into a desolate wilderness of free parking
and sodium vapor lamps. The existing infrastructure of our towns
was left to rot, and local networks of economic interdependence
were systematically dismantled.

The Silencing of America: Americans Are Afraid of Bush's Violent
By Kirsten Anderberg, Infoshop.org

George W. Bush has done more to scare Americans into silent
complicity, and rip free speech from the American fabric, than
any president I have seen this lifetime. Creating "no protest
zones" patrolled by American riot squads, aiming high-powered
weaponry on unarmed American people TRYING to exercise free
speech, it is clear Bush's regime is NOT supportive of free
speech rights, no matter what babble comes out of his mouth.



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Reason magazine uses individualized data to give its subscribers
a '1984'-style surprise

How to Write Your Own Thomas Friedman Column!

Expelled three years from school for participating in
'unauthorized protests'

Governor declares state of emergency for G-8 summit

Book Details U.S. Protection Of Nazis

Officer faces jail for refusing to fight

Over 200,000 protest US attacks

US occupation regime staggered by bomb blasts, uprisings

Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government'

Rumsfeld, Bush approved Iraq torture policy

U.S. Tries to Get Off the Hook on War Crimes

Is a draft next? Army may send special reserves to active duty

'Definitely a Cover-Up'

Military Punishes Key Abu Ghraib Witness

Seymour Hersh: How a secret Pentagon program came to Abu Ghraib

Reuters, NBC Staff Abused by U.S. Troops in Iraq

Brutality starts at home

US forces were taught torture techniques

Pentagon concedes interrogation techniques illegal

Brutal interrogation in Iraq: Five detainees' deaths probed

Dozens have died in US custody

Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings

Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts

Israeli massacre of demonstrators in southern Gaza

Medical teams in Rafah prevented from access to dead and injured

A Stunning Victory: Greenpeace prevails

Crude shock

China's energy supply dwindling

No room for Russia to increase oil exports

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