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Saturday - October 23, 2004

The Technofix Isn't: On Greening the Petroleum Economy
by Jan Lundberg, Culture Change

Julian Darley of Post Carbon Institute asks, "Where is our Plan D? A plan to
help us de-automate, de-centralize, de-industrialize, and disconnect from
big energy, from big money, and big food so that we can try to start
rebuilding local cultures and local economies that will have to provide the
food, water, shelter, identity, energy, mobility, and crucially, both the
vital stuff of everyday life and employment as the present wasteful system
finds that the fuel supply is being choked off."

by Russell M. Drake

Call him hypnotist-in-chief. He earned it. Among modern era statesmen, only
Adolf Hitler comes close to George W. Bush's skill level as operator of the
public consciousness.

By Alexander Cockburn, New Left Review

As now constituted, presidential contests, focused almost exclusively on the
candidates of the two major parties, are worse than useless in furnishing
any opportunity for national debate. Consider the number of issues on which
there is tacit agreement between the Democratic and Republican parties,
either as a matter of principle or with an expedient nod-and-wink that,
beyond pro forma sloganeering, these are not matters suitable to be
discussed in any public forum.

Other articles of interest

Palestine: the assault on health and other war crimes
Derek Summerfield, Electronic Intifada

Does the death of an Arab weigh the same as that of a US or Israeli citizen?
The Israeli army, with utter impunity, has killed more unarmed Palestinian
civilians since September 2000 than the number of people who died on
September 11, 2001. In conducting 238 extrajudicial executions the army has
also killed 186 bystanders (including 26 women and 39 children). Two thirds
of the 621 children (two thirds under 15 years) killed at checkpoints, in
the street, on the way to school, in their homes, died from small arms fire,
directed in over half of cases to the head, neck and chest--the sniper's
wound. Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorised to shoot to kill children
in situations of minimal or no threat. These statistics attract far less
publicity than suicide bombings, atrocious though these are too.
"Days of Penitence" or Days of Genocide?
By Ghali Hassan, ICH

On 28 September, 2004, hundreds of Israeli tanks, armed bulldozers, Apache
helicopters and other Israeli armour, accompanied by thousands of armed
soldiers invaded Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza in the occupied
Palestine. More than 130 Palestinians, most of them civilians, including 35
school children have been murdered in the invasion. Over 500 civilians,
including many children, have been injured by Israeli artillery shells and
rockets fired by Israeli warplanes directly on crowded street and homes.
More than 200 family houses have been demolished, together with schools,
kindergartens, shops and olive groves. Electricity and drinking water have
been cut off. A total war exerted on the Palestinian people. The silence in
Western capitals raises many moral questions.

Terrorists in Falluja
Nermeen Al-Mufti, Al-Ahram

Relatives of Ateka Abdel Hamid, 24, did not know that this seven-month
pregnant woman was a terrorist until the day she died. As the family
collected the mutilated bodies of Ateka and her family, a United States
spokesman boasted that the "multinational forces" killed a number of
terrorists and Al-Zarqawi supporters during an offensive in Falluja. The
terrorists, it turned out, were Ateka, her three-year-old son Omar, her
husband Tamer and six other members of her family.

For Kerry, It's Not Easy Pretending to be Green
by Joshua Frank, Dissident Voice

Kerry recently told Teamster's president Jimmy Hoffa that while he opposes
drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, he has no qualms with
drilling "everywhere else like never before." Where is this "everywhere?"
How about the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, the Red Rocks in Utah, the
Rocky Mountain flats, the coasts of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, just to
name a few? Kerry, it seems, has no alternative energy plan whatsoever; he
simply wants to drill for more oil. Call Bush Kerry's mentor.

Precision-strike democracy
By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times

>From al-Qaeda's point of view, the US leaving Iraq would be a major victory.
And the US staying in Iraq - bleeding thousands of men and billions of
dollars in the hands of a national guerrilla struggle - is also a major
victory. So al-Qaeda does not bother to vote Bush or Kerry because the main
sticking point - US policy in the Middle East, the thirst for oil, the
one-sided support for Israel - will still be there.


IPI Intifada Report Says Press Freedom Deteriorating: Heavy Media
Casualties, Perpetrators Go Unpunished

Media Indifferent as UNICEF Reports Worsening Catastrophe

Journalists Not Satisfied With Campaign Coverage

Voices of US Poor and Homeless Unlikely to be Heard in Polls

Could the Associated Press (AP) Rig the Election?

Ann Coulter gets pied

Is Suicide Part of the Job?

70-year old called up for Iraq duty

One-third of ex-soldiers fail to report for duty

Retired Army officer sues US for forced deployment

The Specter of Another Bloodbath Over Fallujah

Iraqi insurgency much bigger, better funded than previously estimated
A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'?

Haitian Priest Jailed Indefinitely for 40 Cent Crime

Nigerian tribe gives Shell an ultimatum

OPEC pushing limits of oil production capacity

Oil, heating oil, natural gas at new records in face of dwindling supplies

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