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Hong Kong: Pictures from the anti-WTO protests

By Mumia Abu-Jamal

A student at L.A.'s Belmont High, Geovany passed out fliers, and tried to
organize his fellow students to support the walkout. When administrators
learned of the plan, they launched an attack on the youth, grabbing him,
blasting him with pepper spray, and arresting him! He was hauled into the
infamous Rampart Division police station, taken to Juvenile Hall and
fingerprinted. This 10th grader is now under house arrest, and has been
forced to wear an ankle bracelet, simply for trying to organize his fellow
students in opposition to the Bush Regime. Guess what *this* kid has learned
about 'constitutional rights' of free speech, free association, and the
rights to assemble and protest?

Dead Man Walking: Bush Sr. and North Should Join Tookie Williams
By Kurt Nimmo

Although Williams was convicted of the cold-blooded murder of four people,
it should be noted that the raison d'être of the Crips was to sell cocaine,
in particular crack cocaine. "In August 1996, Gary Webb began publishing the
results of a yearlong investigation that traced the money fueling the
horrific U.S.-backed "contra" war against Nicaragua to the profits from Los
Angeles' 1980s crack epidemic," writes Dan Feder for the Narco News
Bulletin. The CIA led its contra army to spend the entire decade terrorizing
the Nicaraguan people and their Sandinista government, happily allowing the
contras to flood Los Angeles and other North American cities with cocaine to
fund their efforts. Gary provided extensively documented evidence that while
poor communities in L.A. paid the price of the crack explosion-from rampant
addiction in their neighborhoods to oppressive law enforcement and jailing
with Reagan's stepped-up 'war on drugs'-the United States government
protected the men moving a great deal of the drugs coming into the city.
Local dealers faced life sentences while the bigtime narcos from Washington
to Managua went free.

Without cause, Yale fires an acclaimed anarchist scholar
By Joshua Frank

Last spring Prof. Graeber was informed that his teaching contract at Yale
would not be extended. It was not Graeber's scholarship that was ever in
question; rather it was his political philosophies that may have played a
heavy hand in the administration's unwarranted decision. Graeber, a renowned
anarchist scholar, spoke with me shortly after he was informed of his
firing. Last week he gave up the fight to stay at Yale and will be leaving
the school after a sabbatical next year. As radical anthropologist David
Price put it me, "this is a ghastly look under the hood at how academic
knowledge is manufactured at America's 'finest' institutions."

Other articles of interest

Yes, We Murder Journalists
Michael I. Niman, One Thousand Reasons

If the Bush administration had its way, the whole criminal siege of
Fallujah, with its depraved indifference to human life, would have gone
unnoticed. The corporate media's Pentagon-spun propaganda stories about
liberation would have gone unchallenged by any unseemly intrusions of
reality. Toward that end, the Pentagon declared Fallujah a no-reporting
zone, barring all un-embedded journalists from the city. In short, the
Pentagon hoped to control all images coming out of the massacre. And they
would have pulled it off, had it not been for one independent freelance
journalist from Alaska, Dahr Jamail, and an Al Jazeera TV crew.

An Increasingly Aerial Occupation
Dahr Jamail, TomDispatch

The American media continues to ignore the increasingly devastating air war
being waged in Iraq against an ever more belligerent Iraqi resistance --
and, as usual, Iraqi civilians continue to bear the largely unreported brunt
of the bombing.

California Murders Tookie Williams
Phil Gasper, CounterPunch

There was great sadness that the fight to save Stan's life and prevent
another senseless death had been lost. But unlike most other executions I've
protested outside San Quentin, the mood was not somber but angry and
defiant. One electric speaker after another addressed the crowd.

Plutonium Launch Accident Could Have Global Implications
Karl Grossman, Common Dreams

NASA is again threatening the lives of people on Earth. On January 11, the
window opens for a launch from Cape Canaveral of a rocket lofting a space
probe with 24 pounds of plutonium fuel on board. Plutonium is considered the
most deadly radioactive substance.

We're Melting
Lucinda Marshall, Dissident Voice

Our glaciers are melting at an ever-quickening pace and there seems to be
little we can do to stop it.  According to recent studies, the Helheim
glacier, one of the largest in Greenland, is melting at a rate much faster
than expected. If it continues, Greenland will likely become much smaller
and seas could rise as much as three feet during this century. The
accelerated melting is attributable to Greenland's warming temperatures,
which have risen five degrees Fahrenheit in the last ten years.

The Plague Upon Eden
Manuel Valenzuela, Valenzuela's Veritas

The rise of machines has allowed humanity to control - and devastate -
nature on a massive and unparalleled scale, usurping the natural balance of
change away from the normal processes of Earth and monopolizing them in a
way at complete odds with what has always been. We have manipulated nature
in ways never before seen by nature herself, compromising her natural
processes and altering the natural progression of her cycles. When we act in
such a way, when we clear cut the Amazon, for example, we are meddling in
consequences, to ecosystems, the forest itself, living creatures and the
health of the planet, in ways that we are just recently beginning to

Energy's Prophet of Doom
Oliver Ryan, Fortune Magazine

For the past few months he's been holed up in hard-core research
mode-reading books, academic studies, and, yes, blogs. Every morning he
rises before dawn at one of his houses in Texas or South Carolina or
California (he actually owns a piece of Pebble Beach Resorts) and spends
four or five hours reading sites like LifeAftertheOilCrash.net or
DieOff.org, obsessively following links and sifting through data.


Pentagon Rolls Out Stealth PR: Psychological warfare operation includes
plans to secretly plant pro-US stories

Pentagon's use of media firm, company's performance, scrutinized

US ranks sixth in world for most journalists behind bars

Secret database obtained by NBC confirms Pentagon is spying on Americans

Student Wins Battle To Wear Anti-Bush T-Shirt At School

Hillary Clinton's pathetic ploy to outlaw free speech

Violent gang of jackbooted thugs raid medical marijuana dispensaries that
had been doling out marijuana to sick and dying patients

Be afraid, be very, very afraid: DHS terror gangs will expand their work
beyond airplanes, to trains stations and other mass transit

DHS confidential internal report admits air marshals lied

Europeans express outrage at Schwarzenegger; decision to murder Tookie
called "cowardly"

Brazilians to 'Try' Bush for Crimes Against Humanity

Greenpeace warns WTO threatening last ancient forests

Shattered hurricane records, New Orleans' worst nightmare come true -- and
experts say this could just be the beginning

The Big Chill: A winter fuel crisis of high prices and shortages could
darken homes and factories

Goldman analysts: Oil prices to enter "super-spike" phase

Gas Drilling Raises Dust Clouds Throughout the West

No more room in the cemetery so mayor proposes a ban on death

Bodies of dead US soldiers sent home as freight in cargo planes

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