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Progressivism, Skepticism, and Historical Revisionism: The Inalienable Right
to Question History
by Kim Petersen

In the spirit of openness and free speech, each person's words must be
allowed to stand for all others to contemplate and judge for themselves.
There is no need to censure anyone's speech or thoughts. Free speech and
historical revisionism must not become a vehicle to divert attention away
from current crimes against humanity. Most horrendously, the misuse of
Jewish victimhood as a shield, whereby Zionist Jews could unleash atrocities
upon Palestinians similar to those atrocities that Jews suffered under
Nazism to implement their own malevolent Lebensraum strategy, utterly abases
the memory of the victims as well as disgraces the long- and oft-violated
"Never again" mantra.

Other articles of interest

Free Software as a Social Movement
Justin Podur interviews Richard Stallman, ZNet

The basic idea of the Free Software Movement is that the user of software
deserves certain freedoms. There are four essential freedoms, which we label
freedoms 0 through 3. Freedom 0 is the freedom to run the software as you
wish. Freedom 1 is the freedom to study and change the source code as you
wish. Freedom 2 is the freedom to copy and distribute the software as you
wish. And freedom 3 is the freedom to create and distribute modified
versions as you wish. With these four freedoms, users have full control of
their own computers, and can use their computers to cooperate in a
community. Freedoms 0 and 2 directly benefit all users, since all users can
exercise them. Freedoms 1 and 3, only programmers can directly exercise, but
everyone benefits from them, because everyone can adopt (or not) the changes
that programmers make. Thus, free software develops under the control of its

Radical Militant Librarians and Other Dire Threats
William Rivers Pitt, Truthout

There was an internal FBI email sent in October 2003 that speaks volumes
about why our legal system has been arranged the way it has. An unnamed
agent was railing via email against the Department of Justice's Office of
Intelligence Policy and Review. Specifically, the agent was frustrated by
OIPR's failure to deliver authorization to use Section 215 of the Patriot
Act for a search. "While radical militant librarians kick us around, true
terrorists benefit from OIPR's failure to let us use the tools given to us,"
wrote the agent. Radical militant librarians?

The Making of the Enemy [Part One of Two]
Manuel Valenzuela, Valenzuela's Veritas

The manufacture, marketing and dissemination of bogeymen enemies, both real
and fictional, for a long time endemic in American society, has always
worked to perfection, becoming the inertia used to control the population.
It becomes the energy needed to maintain America's permanent wartime
economy. The creation of unseen bogeymen into supernatural evildoers fits
the perfect mold of how the American citizenry has been brainwashed over the
years through the use of Hollywood movies and television, with the constant
themes of good versus evil, of fantasy and sensationalism, and of course the
always needed happy ending, where the good guy always triumphs over the

The Antiwar Movement, the Democrats and the Delusions of Bushworld
Ron Jacobs, CounterPunch

According to contacts in contact with the UFPJ national office, the
rightward trend in the UFPJ leadership seems to be propelled by a perception
that the US working class is too reactionary to go along with some of
ANSWER's more "leftist" demands. You know, like civil liberties, Palestinian
rights, Arab and Muslim rights, etc. Now, as someone who used to work with a
left organization that saw the US working class in a similar manner and then
tailored its program to that perception (which is when they lost me), let me
state that this is a mistake. It is the job of the antiwar movement to make
the world a more tolerant place so that people can not be led into wars as
easily. As long as any element of the antiwar movement hitches itself to
either party of the Empire, they will negate their raison d'etre.
Furthermore, as long as any antiwar organization ignores a substantial part
of the population they want to organize, that organization will be
ineffectual at best, and destructive of the entire movement at worst. The
working people in the US and around the world are not any single hue,
religion, ethnicity or gender. They are as capable of seeing beyond the
propaganda of the warfare state as any antiwar organizer. It is our job to
realize this and work with that as a starting point. Liberals who are afraid
to take a stand on issues like the Palestinian right to a homeland or the
dismantling of the US torture chambers around the world should not be
leading an antiwar movement.

Who Are the War Criminals?
Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com

I would remind you that only governments make war. Only governments have the
resources to commit mass murder. Government is, by its very nature, a weapon
of mass destruction.

A Small Matter of Justice
Rosemarie Jackowski, Press Action

Any debate about reparations would take the discussion back to the time of
Columbus. Why should those living now feel a sense of responsibility for
events that occurred at a time so far in the past? The answer is because
those events from the distant past are having negative effects on the lives
of so many Native Americans now. That same answer can be used to justify
reparations to our black brothers and sisters. The destruction of the
culture of the original inhabitants of the land which we now occupy has had
a profound affect on Native Americans here today. The same can be said about
the destruction of the family life and culture of those who were victimized
by the slave trade.

Closed Captioned for Those Whose Hearing (and Thinking) Has Been Impaired by
the Drumbeats for War
Jason Miller, Thomas Paine's Corner

The US military industrial complex needs perpetual war to grease its wheels,
increase shareholder value and line the pockets of executives and investors.
But it is the beginning of something new: the illusion of constitutional
democracy (like we have here in the US) at the heart of the Middle East. And
this vote, 6,000 miles away (I do not really know what the distance has to
do with the issues at hand, but I thought I would throw that in), in a
region vital to our friend we affectionately call "Big Oil", means that
America has a manufactured ally of growing strength in the fight against
those who dare defy our thrust for global domination.

TeenScreen - New York Times - Danger Signs
Evelyn Pringle, Media Monitors

In Danger Signs, the Times talks about how in the mid-1980's, Dr David
Shaffer, a psychiatrist employed by Columbia University, became concerned
about an increase in teen suicide which motivated the good doctor to develop
the TeenScreen survey. The truth is that in 1987, Prozac, the first in a
stream of SSRI antidepressants, hit the market which necessitated a
heavy-duty plan for legal drug pushing. Pharma needed an expanded customer
base, so they put their heads together and came up with the bright idea for
Shaffer to develop the ridiculous survey and play on the nation's soft side
when it was passed off as a prevention tool to save poor suicidal teens. In
reality, TeenScreen is one of the slickest, and sickest, marketing schemes
that I've run across in my 2 years of investigating the world's most
profitable drug cartel better known as the pharmaceutical industry.

Reflections On 2005 And The Future
Edward S. Herman, Swans

In Palestine also we are beyond Orwell, as the Israelis have gotten the Bush
gang plus the Democrats, and of course the mainstream media, to sanction the
brazen theft of Palestinian land and water and the creation of a small set
of impoverished and Israel-dependent Bantustans, a culmination of a lengthy
process of ethnic cleansing and racist brutalization and discrimination, all
in violation of UN Security Council Resolutions, international law, and
elementary morality. This has been a remarkable case of approved apartheid
and ethnic cleansing, by a West that got so very enraged over ethnic
cleansing in the Balkans, although there also it was highly selective so
that when done by the allied Croatians in the Krajina area and the Kosovo
Albanians under NATO protection in post-victory Kosovo, the silence was


Did Bush Admin Lie to Congress and 9/11 Commission? Missing Black Boxes in
World Trade Center Attacks Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB,
Concealed by FBI

Pirates start free radio in San Jose

Planted news stories nothing new to US military

US corporate media erases Israeli role in the rise of Hamas

FBI Papers Show Terror Inquiries Into PETA; Other Groups Tracked

New Files Show FBI Monitored Activist Groups

Pentagon anti-terror investigators labeled gay law school groups a "credible
threat" of terrorism

American Stasi: New Patriot Act Amendments Would Create Secret Police

Heads roll at Veterans Administration: Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU)
scandal blamed

US dramatically increases air attacks against Iraqis

US holding children in prison camps as POWs

Blair was warned beforehand of planned attacks on public transport system

Evo Morales elected president with landslide victory

U.S. Warns Turkey Of Air Strike On Iran And Syria

Most of Arctic's Near-Surface Permafrost May Thaw by 2100

World is at its hottest since prehistory

Human impacts far outweigh tsunami

Many Britons facing fuel poverty this winter

North Sea gas reserves drying up faster than anticipated

Italy risks electricity blackouts due to a shortage in gas supplies

Goldman's Murti Says `Peak Oil' Risks Sending Prices Above $105

Bankruptcy law backfires on credit card issuers

In Exurbs, Life Framed by Hours Spent in the Car

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