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Humor: Thanksgiving eCard

"They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept
but one; they promised to take our land, and they took it." - Red Cloud,
Oglala Sioux

"One does not sell the land people walk on." - Crazy Horse

Give Thanks No More; It's Time for a National Day of Atonement
by Robert Jensen

One indication of moral progress in the United States would be the
replacement of Thanksgiving Day and its self-indulgent family feasting with
a National Day of Atonement accompanied by a self-reflective collective
fasting. In fact, indigenous people have offered such a model; since 1970
they have marked the fourth Thursday of November as a Day of Mourning in a
spiritual/political ceremony on Coles Hill overlooking Plymouth Rock,
Massachusetts, one of the early sites of the European invasion of the
Americas. Not only is the thought of such a change in this white-supremacist
holiday impossible to imagine, but the very mention of the idea sends most
Americans into apoplectic fits -- which speaks volumes about our historical
hypocrisy and its relation to the contemporary politics of empire in the
United States.

by Susan Bates

Following an especially successful raid against the Pequot in what is now
Stamford, Connecticut, the churches announced a second day of "thanksgiving"
to celebrate victory over the heathen savages. During the feasting, the
hacked off heads of Natives were kicked through the streets like soccer
balls. Even the friendly Wampanoag did not escape the madness. Their chief
was beheaded, and his head impaled on a pole in Plymouth, Massachusetts --
where it remained on display for 24 years. The killings became more and more
frenzied, with days of thanksgiving feasts being held after each successful
massacre. George Washington finally suggested that only one day of
Thanksgiving per year be set aside instead of celebrating each and every

Other articles of interest

Thanksgiving Day 2005
Kelpie Wilson, Truthout

Contemplating the end of oil is frightening, even terrifying. Every bit of
our economy depends on cheap oil to function properly. No viable substitute
lies waiting the wings. The end of oil means a radical change in our way of
life. But since it is Thanksgiving, let's take a clear-eyed look at our
situation and see if there is anything that we can be thankful for. The
biggest thing to be thankful for is that there is not more oil than there
is. More oil would just dig us deeper into the climate change hole. Climate
change appears to be accelerating more rapidly than predicted. We can live
without oil and coal. We cannot live without a habitable climate. The
worst-case scenarios for climate change involve dying, acid oceans and an
atmosphere full of methane. The not-so-bad scenarios could still wipe out
agriculture over large regions and drown every coastal city. We are like the
addict who would have died of an overdose if he hadn't run out of smack
first, so let's be thankful that our supply is being cut off.

Diet for a Peak-Oil America: Weaning the food system from fossil fuels one
community at a time
Katie Elizabeth Renz, HopeDance

If we want to eat, and do it well, argue the 'post-carbon' or
're-localization' groups, the familiar scenario of driving to the
supermarket-where industrial refrigerators hum under florescent lights and
one can buy anything, any season, be it an organic Chilean mango or a
sirloin steak-will have to shift in favor of local, labor-intensive
agriculture and grocery stores within walking distance. Bradford says,
"Everything's going to have to change."

The Enemy in Our Living Room
Mark Faulk, faulkingtruth.com

All is not well in Bhutan. They finally became the last country on Earth to
allow television in 1999, and within a couple of years, they were
experiencing their very first crime wave, with reports from many villages
and towns of fraud, violence, and even murder. An editorial in the national
newspaper, Kuensel, put it this way: "We are seeing for the first time
broken families, school dropouts and other negative youth crimes. We are
beginning to see crime associated with drug users all over the world -
shoplifting, burglary and violence." And here is a letter from a reader of
the Kuensel: "Dear Editor, TV is very bad for our country... it controls our
minds... and makes [us] crazy. The enemy is right here with us in our own
living room. People behave like the actors, and are now anxious, greedy and
discontent." Welcome to Western Civilization.

Terror Against the Biosphere
Moti Nissani, Dissident Voice

When it comes to the global environment, the USA recklessly imperils the
physical and biological foundations of life itself. It is precisely this
recklessness which may turn this former bastion of liberty into the most
hated country in history.

Damming the World Bank
Jacques Leslie, AlterNet

The World Bank recognizes the countless social and environmental problems
caused by dams, but won't let them get in the way of building more and more

The Times smears Robert Fisk
Amitabh Pal, The Progressive

The New York Times has it in for Robert Fisk, the London Independent's
Middle East correspondent. Ethan Bronner, the paper's deputy foreign editor,
on November 19 did a hatchet job on Fisk's new book, "The Great War for
Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East."

The Ugly Business of Women's Beauty
Jackie Esmonde, New Socialist

Virtually any mainstream magazine or television commercial shows women's
bodies being used to sell products such as cosmetics and clothing. But they
are also used to sell products that bear no connection to women's bodies,
such as cars, food and electronics. The images of women that are used to
sell, well, virtually anything, are sexualized, commodified and objectified.
Most importantly, they are silent.

Trouble in Numbers: On the stigma of the second abortion
Jennifer Baumgardner, Nerve

One abortion, that happens. Two? Well, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, two smacks
of carelessness. My father, a doctor in Fargo, North Dakota, expressed
surprise when I mentioned the second-abortion stigma to him: "It's odd,
given that it's the exact same situation as before, no more or less of a
life," my father said. "It's as if women don't really believe they have the
right to have abortions." Dad, like Marion, is often shockingly logical.

SuicideGirls revolt: Close to 40 of the punk-rock-porn models walk off the
Deirdre Fulton, Boston Phoenix

It's not surprising that in the tattooed and pierced world of SuicideGirl
erotica, some tempers would flare, some feathers would ruffle, some sexpots
would get sullen. That's all part of the growling appeal of the alterna-porn
Web site, which features DIY provocateurs posing in hair-dyed,
body-modified, mostly nude glory, and which has created an online community
for these "real" girls and the Web surfers who love them (at $9 a month).
But few could have predicted that almost 40 of the close to 1000
SuicideGirls would stage a Web-out and stalk off the Web site amid claims
that despite all its go-girl messaging, SuicideGirls.com is run by people
who don't care much about female empowerment.

The "Miracle" or a Mockery of Afghanistan?
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

As we have repeatedly asserted and shown, all of the fundamentalist bands
including Taliban were created, funded, and trained by the CIA turning a
blind eye to the higher interest of the Afghan people and to the consequence
of such sinister support to the fate of freedom and democracy in our
country. Thus, the US war on the Taliban is nothing but a family fracas
between the father and his rogue children. The US started the fracas by not
replacing religious tyranny with democracy, by not relying on the people,
but rather by siding with the NA, the very worst enemies of our people. It
goes without saying that Afghans will not see as their "liberators" those
who drove the Taliban wolves through one door and unchained the rabid dogs
of the NA through another.

Behind the phosphorus clouds are war crimes within war crimes
George Monbiot, The Guardian

We now know the US also used thermobaric weapons in its assault on Falluja,
where up to 50,000 civilians remained.

About That Faulty Pre-War "Intelligence"
Chuck Munson, Infoshop.org

The spineless Democrats-who a week ago couldn't even stand up with the
majority of Americans and vote for an immediate withdrawal of troops-want
people to believe that they were misled into supporting Bush's War. They had
access to the same information that the public had about the lack of WMDs
not found by the weapons inspectors. The Democrats are more interested in
playing politics to get elected in future elections than they are in doing
the right thing in opposing Bush's wars. Here's another reason why the
public debate about "faulty pre-war intelligence" is so stupid-millions of
people around the world marched and protested on February 15, 2003 against
the impending Iraq invasion. These people had access to less "intelligence"
than the Bush administration, yet they knew that Hussein had no WMDs and
posed no threat to other countries. The people who opposed the war in 2003
knew that the weapons inspectors, such as Scott Ritter, had found no
evidence of WMD programs. The Bush administration had access to the same
information, which was accurate, but they weren't interested in the facts,
they wanted their war.

Peter's Statement to the Court
Peter Young, supportpeter.com

I am here today to be sentenced for my participation in releasing mink from
6 fur farms. I regret it was only 6. I'm also here today to be sentenced for
my participation in the freeing of 8,000 mink from those farms. I regret it
was only 8,000. It is my understanding of those 6 farms, only 2 of them have
since shut down. I regret it was only 2. More than anything, I regret my
restraint, because whatever damage we did to those businesses, if those
farms were left standing, and if one animal was left behind, then it wasn't
enough. I don't wish to validate this proceeding by begging for mercy or
appealing to the conscience of the court, because I know if this system had
a conscience I would not be here, and in my place would be all the butchers,
vivisectors, and fur farmers of the world.


UK media silenced, threatened with prosecution under Official Secrets Act

French Government Wants to Close Down Progressive Internet News Journal

Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance" returns to the web

FBI turns to UC Berkeley for help softening its image

It's no secret: CIA scouting for recruits

Bush critics get goon treatment

Why did Bush Admin Hold Jose Padilla for 3 Years as an Enemy Combatant? No
Mention of al Qaeda or Plot to Attack U.S. in Indictment

Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera in Qatar and elsewhere

White House used 'gossip' to push for war

Dear Rep. Murtha: What took you so long? You're really a comatose moron

De-Classified Report from the US Department of Defense calls White
Phosphorous "Chemical Weapons"

Project Paperclip: The US and its Nazi scientists

Crude Designs: The Rip-off of Iraq's Oil Wealth

Innocent man executed in Texas

At Some Youth 'Treatment' Facilities, 'Tough Love' Takes Brutal Forms

The myth of intelligent design

Millions face glacier catastrophe

New Orleans is sinking

6,644 are still missing after Katrina; toll may rise

The town that's been reclaimed by the prairie: As rural economies collapse,
communities across America are being deserted

GM job cuts will devastate North American cities

No Home for the Holidays: Stop Evictions of Katrina Evacuees

Current Gulf of Mexico production still dragging: 48 percent of daily oil
production still remains shut in

Winter fuel crisis: Could energy shortages paralyse Britain?

Toxic leak shuts down Chinese city of 3.8 million

Islands battle rising seas for survival

Thatcher threatened to nuke Argentina

G.M. to Cut 30,000 Jobs, Close 9 Plants

Women 'get blame for being raped'

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