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October 19 - 20, 2005

Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any 
Indian. - Robert Orben

By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

If he were to address the issue of white collar and corporate crime - the 
kind that his brother Bob defends every day for a very nice living - then he 
might have said something like -- "you could abort every white male destined 
to go to Harvard Business School, and your crime rate would go down." Now 
that would be impolite. But the reality is that crimes committed by the 
powerful -- both in government and in corporations -- inflicts far more 
damage on society than all crime committed by the powerless.

Other articles of interest

Support Our Props
Sheldon Rampton, PR Watch

In this case, though, the flacks weren't just standing behind the soldiers 
and overseeing what they said. As Ward Harkavy pointed out in the Village 
Voice, one of the soldiers who appeared on TV with Bush was a flack 
herself -- Master Sgt. Corine Lombardo, who works in public affairs for the 
military as spokesperson to the media. Lombardo's role as a PR person was 
not disclosed to viewers as she participated in what appeared to be a 
"spontaneous conversation" with the president.

NGO Monitor should not be taken seriously
Yacoub Kahlen and Robert E. Foxsohn, Electronic Intifada

NGO Monitor, founded by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, has for 
some time now been deliberately spreading false and misleading information 
about organizations in an attempt to discredit them. Their targets include 
some of the most established and respected human rights organizations. While 
their efforts to stifle a critical dialogue have proved unsuccessful, their 
efforts are relentless and it is important that they be exposed as part of 
an extremist, right-wing institution. They should not be taken seriously by 
anyone interested in peace and human rights.

The Mindless American: A Tragedy In The Making
Doug Soderstrom, ICH

Very few would disagree with the proposition that in Hitler's Germany there 
was a determined effort to brainwash the people so they might support Mein 
Fuhrer's efforts to conquer the world. However, what if one were to suggest 
that much the same is occurring in the United States of America, that there 
has been a determined effort through the socializing influence of our 
schools, the government, the mass media, the churches we attend, even that 
of our own parents, to pressure us into believing (just as Hitler) that our 
country has received the blessing of God, and because of this, we therefore 
have not only the right, but more importantly, through the use of military 
weapons, a divine responsibility to see that the world acquiesces to our 
needs and expectations. Just as Hitler in the 1930's prepared his countrymen 
to accept the authoritarian control of the Nazi government, much the same 
may well be occurring in the United States. Just as Hitler indoctrinated his 
people to believe that Germany had the right to conquer the world, George 
Walker Bush "in the name of freedom and democracy" may well be doing the 
same (preparing the American people to support his administration's 
imperialistic drive to dominate the world).

Chris Hedges, Theocracy Watch
(This is an article that no major publication will print. Chris Hedges is a 
Pulitzer-prize winning reporter for The New York Times)

Dr. James Luther Adams, my ethics professor at Harvard Divinity School, told 
us that when we were his age, he was then close to 80, we would all be 
fighting the "Christian fascists." The warning, given to me 25 years ago, 
came at the moment Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists began 
speaking about a new political religion that would direct its efforts at 
taking control of all institutions, including mainstream denominations and 
the government.

Haiti, Imperialism, and the Treachery of Liberals
Shirley Pate, Dissident Voice

The next major struggle within the Haiti solidarity movement will come as 
the resistance to the occupation grows. I am certain that liberals will 
denounce it based on non-violence grounds just as they denounced the 
Palestinians' right to resist the murderous Israeli occupation. Our role, as 
solidarity activists, is to help others understand what imperialism is and 
to call it by name consistently. We must connect dots so that those who wish 
to join our movement understand, for instance, that the occupations of 
Palestine, Iraq and Haiti are related. We must acknowledge that resistance 
may involve violence and that the only people that can decide whether, how, 
when and in what form are the Palestinians, the Iraqis and the Haitians. We 
must do our part by never softening the message, diluting the truth, nor 
de-politicizing the reality.

The Price of Cheap Beef: Disease, Deforestation, Slavery and Murder
George Monbiot, Common Dreams

For the past five years I have been at war with Farmers for Action. These 
are the neanderthals who have held up the traffic and blockaded the 
refineries in the hope of persuading the government to reduce the price of 
fuel. It doesn't matter how often you explain that cheap fuel, which allows 
the supermarkets to buy from wherever the price of meat or grain is lowest, 
has destroyed British farming. They will stand in front of the cameras and 
make us watch as they cut their own throats.

The truth about the Red Cross: The right-wing, scandal-ridden "charity" that 
isn't really a charity
Joe Allen, Socialist Worker

Though it is technically a nonprofit, the Red Cross is run more like 
profit-hungry corporation than what most people think a "charity" would act 
like. The most deadly example of this was the Red Cross' criminally 
negligent response to the early stages of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. 
The Red Cross has been for many decades, and remains today, the largest 
blood bank in the country. In 1982 and especially 1983, when it would have 
possible to contain the outbreak--or at least stop the spread of the disease 
through infusions of infected blood--major blood banks, led by the Red 
Cross, opposed national testing of blood for HIV. The Red Cross' opposition 
was based on the financial cost.


SPJ Undercuts First Amendment With Miller Award

High school teacher fired for refusing to display flag in class

Your laser printer is a spy

Anti-recruitment ad triggers debate

Electronic Privacy Information Center demands DOD recruiting database be 
immediately suspended

Cowards at Armed Forces Radio Refuse to Air Even the Mildest Dissent

Sheehan thrashes 'war hawk' Hillary, compares her to Rush Limbaugh

Former CIA Analyst: Government May Be Manufacturing Fake Terrorism

Police sparked violence at anti-Nazi protest

Spanish judge issues arrest warrant for US troops

Pentagon terror thugs defend targeting hotels filled with journalists

Delusional War Criminal and International Terrorist Colin Powell Insists 
'U.S. Is Not Doing Bad at All'

US soldiers in Afghanistan burnt the bodies of dead Taliban and taunted 
villages about the corpses

Psych war in Afghanistan

Serbian Factory Bombed By NATO To Make Arms For US

Climate Model Predicts Dramatic Changes Over Next 100 Years

Link Between Tropical Warming And Greenhouse Gases Stronger Than Ever

Edges of the Antarctic ice sheets slipping into the ocean at unprecedented 
rate, raising fears of global surge in sea levels

Report Details Non-Human Invasions on Military Properties

China economic growth threat to environment

Natural gas prices take toll on agriculture

Health insurance imploding

Personal bankruptcy filings hit new record

Legal lynching of Saddam Hussein begins in Iraq

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