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October 25-26, 2005

"At any given moment, there is a sort of all pervading orthodoxy, a general
tacit agreement not to discuss large and uncomfortable facts." - George


Early last century, industrial technology allowed business interests to
produce mass media at a cost that outclassed the capacity of non-corporate
media to compete. As a result, radical publishers were marginalised and
media diversity rapidly narrowed. To counter claims that society was being,
in effect, brainwashed by this media monopoly, corporate publishers promoted
the idea of "professional journalism". For the first time, reporters would
be trained in special "schools of journalism" to master the arts of
objective, balanced reporting. Big business moguls would be in control but,
as good democrats, they would see to it that their journalists were
scrupulously fair. In reality, powerful biases were built into this new
media "professionalism" - key among them a presumption about who should be
the primary source of news.

U.S. News/Harvard/BP Ban Reporters From First Amendment Room
By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

How can we celebrate a list of leaders that includes Rice, Powell, Friedman
and Ailes -- a foursome who helped lead the country into a disastrous war of
aggression -- defined by former Supreme Court Justice and Nuremberg
prosecutor Robert Jackson as "the supreme international crime" -- a war of
aggression that has cost close to 2,000 young American lives and untold
thousands of Iraqi civilian lives? And how can U.S. News and Harvard -- BP
we can understand -- be complicit in barring reporters from an open press
event from the First Amendment Room at the National Press Club -- solely
because those reporters were destined to ask questions that might embarrass
the people sponsoring the event?

"Silence is the greatest of all crimes"
An interview with Peace Grandma, Rosemarie Jackowski
By Mickey Z.

When I graduated from high school, I was filled with patriotism. I was a
real flag waver. I believed everything that I had been taught. I was a total
pacifist and that is how I wound up in the military. Hard to believe, I
know. It was not until I was in my early 30's that I started to realize that
what I had believed, all of my life was wrong. I felt betrayed by the
system, by the schools, by the culture, etc. Since then, I have dedicated my
life to unlearning what I had been taught in my younger years. It is one
reason that I feel so strongly about what is happening in the schools now.

Other articles of interest

Academic Freedom Takes a Step to the Right
Molly Riordan, PR Watch

David Horowitz is battling to save higher education from ideological
corruption. Or so he'd have us believe. As a Berkeley student at the start
of the 60s, he became a leader of the "New Left" movement, sympathizing with
the Black Panthers and speaking out against the Vietnam War. Today, as one
of the right's most outspoken neo-conservatives, Horowitz claims to be
equally concerned about oppressed voices on college campuses.

Judith Miller and Me
John Sugg, JohnSugg.com

I don't like what Miller represents in journalism. She is not, to my mind, a
journalist. She forfeited that claim when she became a conduit of propaganda
for the neo-conservative cabal that has its bloody hands on the control
levers of the nation. In a stunning declaration this month, Miller admitted
that she'd been granted a Pentagon security clearance. She tried to
backpedal on the assertion, claiming the clearance was routine. But she
couldn't spin away the disclosure that she'd been blindsiding her editors
and colleagues. She had become a shill for the Bush administration; her
employment at the New York Times was merely a cover.

The Election in Poland
Laure Akai, Anarchist Federation Praga (Poland)

As anarchists who espouse direct forms of self-management and organization,
we do not go to the polls. We will not be governed. We do not even want to
cross all candidates out because we are not implying that none of the
candidates are good enough; we are saying that the whole system of
representative democracy and government as it stands has got to go. This
year, with both parliamentary and presidential elections held in Poland, the
Anarchist Federation held a campaign to boycott elections. It included
meetings with the public, debates, demonstrations, newspapers, bulletins,
radio and TV appearances, guerilla art actions, happenings, direct actions
and a web sight with many articles, photos, etc.

No 'Kiss and Tell' Big Brother in Kansas, Say Rights Groups
Kari Lydersen, New Standard

A teenager tells her school counselor about making out with her boyfriend.
Another asks her doctor for advice on safe sex. A mother who knows her
teenage son is sexually active asks her own therapist for advice on how to
talk to him about it. Under a revised interpretation of child-abuse
reporting statutes proposed by Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline in 2003,
the counselor, therapist and doctor in these scenarios would have to report
what they had heard to state authorities, under the assumption that any
sexual activity involving people under age 16 constitutes child abuse, even
if both parties are consenting minors.

The day the women went on strike
Annadis Rudolfsdottir, The Guardian

Gudrun Jonsdottir still remembers what she was wearing on October 24 1975.
She was 21, just married with a young child, and was not going to cook,
clean, and was definitely not going to work. Nor was my mother, my friends'
mothers, the shop assistants in the supermarket, the teachers - in short an
estimated 90% of women in Iceland. A neighbour, the mother of three
boisterous boys, left her family to fend for themselves at 8am and did not
return until late in the evening. Remarkably, although Icelandic society was
almost brought to a standstill that fine day, its women had never felt so
alive, so purposeful and so determined.

Trade agreements, border patrols, and militias: A death sentence for
displaced migrants
Jen Lawhorne, Left Turn

A flashpoint of xenophobia, neoliberalism, and militarism-the US-Mexico
border is the center of an international debate about undocumented people in
the US. What the debate does nothing to address, however, is why so many
people are fleeing their lands to come to the US.


Copy editor suspended for attending a peace march

Could John Pilger and Tony Jones be locked up under new sedition laws?

Another military blogger silenced

2,000 deaths "negligible": Fox's Brit Hume downplays U.S. deaths in Iraq

Remote control device to control humans

über-fascists: US military attempting to create army of super-human soldiers
to be even more violent

This week's grim milestone, 2,000 American soldiers killed in Iraq, doesn't
begin to scratch the surface of the real human costs of this war

Iraq's Death Toll Is Much Higher Than That of U.S.

US has dozens of Abu Ghraib torture gulags around the world

US Judge Sets Date to Execute Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Bankruptcy Bomb: Companies Use Bankruptcy Threats and Courts to Force Bigger
Givebacks, Break Unions

Scientists scramble to explain crash of native species in California

Commercial fishing has sharply depleted numbers of several species in Hawaii

No Escape: Thaw Gains Momentum

Grim outlet for Africa's future

Uganda threatened by looming desert

Israel still in control of Gaza

How toxic is your bathroom?

Consumers Could Face Price Spikes at Pump

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