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October 27-28, 2005

"We support our troops when they SHOOT their officers." - Banner at San
Francisco anti-war rally

Stop the Troops! No Honour or Glory in Iraq
By Ingmar Lee

The American military, from top to bottom is a hideous blight on our planet.
There are no innocents in this massive killing machine. There's no 'honour'
in volunteering for the worlds largest terrorist organization, now under the
command of the deceitful, criminal cabal led by George W. Bush. American
soldiers are well trained to kill, and obviously, to torture, and they go
off to Iraq all of their own "free will." They know that they will kill, and
that they may die. There is no "honour" or "glory" for these stupid
youngsters who continue to volunteer themselves for 'duty' in Bush's
appalling adventure. These soldiers, including the 2000 dead, by taint of
their volunteer status, are each personally responsible for the murder of
100,000 innocent Iraqi's.

Other articles of interest

We Don't Support The Troops
Richard Hugus, Uruknet.info

Those who simply expressed the disrespect they felt were not making
political calculations - they were direct, honest, and probably more
effective in undermining support for the war. On a human level the soldier
cares very much about how he is seen and whether the cause he is fighting
for is deemed worthy. It makes a big difference if his family and friends
and lover look at him as a willing accomplice in genocide, a dupe, and not a

Myth of Murder Due to Name Disclosure
Nathan Newman, nathannewman.org

The fact that progressives are now repeating rightwing CIA propaganda as
truth is exactly why I've been skeptical of the whole Plame investigation
from Day One. And let's ask why those Greek's wanted to murder a CIA agent
in the first place? Could it be because Welch's predecessor as CIA station
chief in Athens had helped engineer a murderous coup? From 1967 to 1974,
based on a coup that the CIA and its Greek allies engineered, that
government, backed by the US, murdered and tortured Greek citizens. So why
the hell are progressives crying about the death of one person -- who didn't
die because of Phil Agee but because of CIA incompetence in disguising his
identity -- when the CIA itself was responsible for so many more deaths in

How to Defeat Big Brother and Reclaim Your Freedom
David MacGregor, Strike the Root

In George Orwell's 1984, the road ended in Room 101. But in the real
world--the world as it is--you have the opportunity to take a different
road. You CAN defeat Big Brother in so many different ways. It's just a
matter of "waking up" and seeing where the power really resides--with YOU.
You have the power to withdraw your permission, to withdraw your support.
You can do this in a multitude of ways--both minor and major. And you can
find support networks of like-minded people, where the "how" of this is

America heading toward feudal fascism
Allen Snyder, Smirking Chimp

Signs of America's devolution into a feudal/fascist/military state are
everywhere; including the rather inconspicuous occurrence of these themes
together in at least three articles I've read at www.SmirkingChimp.com in
the past few weeks. A clear pattern began emerging during the Reagan/Bush I
years, continued almost unabated under Clinton (although it was disguised a
little better), but has now, under BushCo, become brazen and accepted public
policy; so in-your-face, you can't help but see it -- providing you're

'This is right out of Hitler's handbook'
Christopher Turner The Guardian

Steve Kurtz was just another subversive US artist - until the FBI accused
him of bio-terrorism.

Beyond Chutzpah: An Interview with Professor Norman Finkelstein
Sherri Muzher, Media Monitors

Finkelstein, whose parents are both survivors of the Holocaust, discusses
the misuse of anti-Semitism in order to achieve political gains, but shines
most in his book when showing that Dershowitz's claim that Israel is a haven
of human rights is wholly inaccurate. Reports by human rights organizations,
like Amnesty International and Israel's own B'tselem, are cited in surplus.
One wonders if Dershowitz ever thought to do some of his own-fact-checking
with prominent and respected human rights organizations when putting Israel
up on a human rights pedestal. From the graphics to the torture of
Palestinian minors to the complicity of Israeli medical personnel, there is
nothing left to the imagination in terms of Israel's horrendous human rights

Terrorism's Training Grounds
Zelie Pollon, AlterNet

Are U.S. tactics destroying terrorists -- or merely creating more? One
intelligence officer gives us a look inside the new petri dish of terrorism
that is Iraq.

Trick-Or-Treaters To Be Subject To Random Bag Searches
The Onion (Humor)

Responding to "a possible threat of terror and fright," Department of
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced Monday that
trick-or-treaters will be subject to random bag searches this Halloween


Newark pays newspaper $100,000 to spin 'positive news' about city

Olbermann says MSNBC bosses upset by liberal guests

Chiapas Media Project: Indigenous people come together

Good News: Blogs Bog Down American Business

Bad News: Corporations are filtering out blogs in the workplace

"Peak oil" determined to strike inside U.S.: Yet another memo that Bush
didn't read

Doubts Raised on Saudi Vow for More Oil

The financial imbalances of a 'bizarre world'

Slave masters, exploiters and mass murderers earn hefty pay raise in 2004

Animal rights activist suggests killing researchers

US forces reach 161,000 in Iraq, highest level of the war

John Pilger applauds a military refusnik

Woman Sees Husband Off to War, Gets Fired

The Baghdad Hotel Attack: The real targets weren't journalists, attackers
went after intelligence agencies and security contractors

Hariri Reportedly Assassinated To Make Way For Large US Air Base In Lebanon

Wanniyala-Aetto return to forest

More than half a million people behind bars for drug offenses in US, people
sentenced for drug crimes account for 55% of all federal prisoners

Pot not a major cancer risk

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