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September 1 - 6, 2005

"They've given them permission to go down and shoot us." -- Kanye West

"This place is going to look like Little Somalia," Brig. Gen. Gary Jones

"That 'perfect storm' of a combination of catastrophes exceeded the
foresight of the planners, and maybe anybody's foresight," - Secretary of
Homeland Security Michael Chertoff

"I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees" - George Bush

Oct 2001 Scientific American article
A major hurricane could swamp New Orleans under 20 feet of water, killing

What's the difference between "looting" and "finding"?

A Picture of Leadership - Katrina, Week One

The Clinton-Bush Hurricane Fund Public Relations Scam
By Kurt Nimmo

The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund is simply another public relations scam, a
shell game designed to trick people into putting faith in government in the
wake of Katrina. In fact, the federal government has its mission statement
and it is immutable: it is designed to service a rich and powerful minority,
a vampire class of sociopaths, at the expense of
everybody else.

By Chuck Richardson

I have you in my crosshairs. I'm your bodyguard, your cook, your barber. I'm
the guy who cleans your pool, the woman who washes your clothes and takes
care of your kids, the doorman who let's you in your high rise tower while
keeping out your undesirables. I'm the guy from across town that mows your
lawn, the masses that allow you to feel superior, gifted and worthy. I'm the
guy who fixes your car and drives you around, who calls you sir and treats
you with respect. In short, I'm the one who knows where you sleep, what you
eat, when you go to work and come home, whom it is you love and hang out
with, and what you're doing to the planet. In other words, I've got you more
than you got me.

New Orleans: Casualties of War
by Rafael Renteria

When hip hop artist Kayne West said "George Bush doesn't care about black
people," NBC cameras cut away. "They've given them permission to go down and
shoot us," West said. In America, telling simple and obvious truths is going
too far. Censors for NBC switched to a comic.

Three-Fifths Relief
By Remi Kanazi

I guess the people at Yahoo didn't have their racism detectors on earlier
this week. On August 29th an image appeared on Yahoo of a white woman and
man trudging through chest deep water after "finding bread and soda from a
local grocery store." Huh. They just "found" bread and soda? Like little
Goldie Locks "found" porridge after skipping through the forest? The next
day Yahoo gives us an image of a black boy after just "looting a grocery
store." I hate to break it to the heads of Yahoo but even if you didn't mean
to do it, it is still racism.

To Die by Mistake
By Urariano Mota

The Brazilian, the dog, the fox, this hybrid animal, with no defined species
or pedigree, by name Jean Charles de Menezes died thus by mistake, put down
with eight bullets. Such a vile and cruel death on a dog, a fox, or even on
a rabbit would be proof of perversion and cruelty. And on a human? Excuse me
Blair, excuse me Bush, excuse me terrified English subjects, what is it when
perpetrated on a creature that is a human being?

Blaming Katrina's victims for not being rich
By Harry Looter, Infoshop News

What exactly is so evil about taking a package of Pampers or some cans of
food from a Winn-Dixie or a Wal-Mart store? These people are trying to
survive in neighborhoods that are under water, with no services of any kind.
Are the rescue workers, the media, or the state dropping pampers and bottled
water into the flooded neighborhoods of New Orleans? Are the on-the-scene
Fox News anchors putting down their microphones, rolling up their sleeves,
and helping rescue people?

Do you know a poverty pimp? (Hurricane Katrina Version)
by Jamie "Bork" Loughner

Most well-funded, charitable agencies that exist have a prime function
of managing the poor; they do not question the inequalities which define our
society nor do they serve to fundamentally change the lives of the poor they
take 'care' of.

Other articles of interest

The Potential of the Gulf Coast Crisis: Points for Discussion and

We want the U.S. (and possibly the world) to launch into the unknown- the
total breakdown of the social order- and then continue pushing for a
self-organized society. In wanting this, we encourage drawing out and
publicly defending the liberatory activities of the last 6 days and
deepening this social rupture by refusing to confine it to the Gulf Coast.
Our idea of how: implement concrete forms of solidarity that do not just
focus on defense, but on attack.

The Battle of New Orleans: It's Looking a Lot Like Fallujah
David Vest, CounterPunch

If New Orleans doesn't radicalize you, what will? Troops "fresh back from
Iraq" are at this moment engaged in "hunting down" people defined as
"looters." An Army Times report described the mission as a struggle to put
down "the insurgency in the city." The only thing to prevent us from
describing the Crescent City as Baghdad-on-the-bayou is the thought that
Fallujah might be a better analogy, given the scale of destruction.

Drenched in profits: Drenched in blood
Nathaniel Turner, ICH

The economy of the United States has matured to the point of nascent fascism
at home and imperialist empire abroad. As events in New Orleans and Iraq
dramatically illustrate, the earth is daily being made more toxic for human
beings by the American Reich.

Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the American Red Cross; Establishment
charities have criminal history of stealing disaster funds
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones, Prison Planet

Every time there is a major catastrophe the Red Cross and similar
organizations like United Way are given all the media attention while other
charities are left in the shadows. This is not to say that the vast majority
of Red Cross workers are not decent people who simply want to help those in
need. But what the media fails consistently to remember in their promotion
of the organization is that the American Red Cross have been caught time and
time again withholding money in the wake of horrible disasters that require
immediate release of funds.

Michael C. Ruppert, From The Wilderness

It's not the first time civilizations have collapsed. This has all happened
many times before. This behavior is not new. What is new - but is now
dying - is our enshrined belief that there were to be no consequences of our
reckless consumption and destruction of the ecosystem. What is now dying a
horrible death is America's grotesque global arrogance, brutality and

People of the Dome: "Let Them Eat Shit..."
Mitchel Cohen, CounterPunch

There is something sinister going down -- it's not just incompetence or
How could FEMA and Homeland Security not have something so basic as bottled
drinking water in the SuperDome, which was long a part of the hurricane
plan? One police officer in charge of his 120-person unit said yesterday
that his squad was provided with only 70 small bottles of water.

The Perfect Storm
Chris Floyd, Empire Burlesque

The destruction of New Orleans represents a confluence of many of the most
pernicious trends in American politics and culture: poverty, racism,
militarism, elitist greed, environmental abuse, public corruption and the
decay of democracy at every level.

Stan Goff, Feral Scholar

I know that grief and death are parts of life, but goddamn it, if someone
has the wherewithall to put reporters and camera equipment there, surely
they could expend the same effort getting people some bandages or potable
water! And nothing about this is natural. War isn't natural; and neither is
poverty. That's what people are dying of, not a hurricane. They are dying of
war and poverty. They are consumed with rage because of war and poverty.
They are paralyzed with helplessness because of war and poverty. They are
twisted and driven crazy by war and poverty.

The Two Americas
Marjorie Cohn, TruthOut

Last September, a Category 5 hurricane battered the small island of Cuba
with 160-mile-per-hour winds. More than 1.5 million Cubans were evacuated to
higher ground ahead of the storm. Although the hurricane destroyed 20,000
houses, no one died.

Why I Do Not Support The Troops
Lucinda Marshall, Dissident Voice

One of the guilt factors that continues to keep the mostly white and
privileged anti-war movement supporting the troops is the argument that many
soldiers come from impoverished circumstances and are motivated to join the
military because of the education and job benefits that are marketed by
recruiters and glossy advertisements. Implicit in this angst is the
assumption that it is racist and classist to deny the "benefits" of military
service to those who choose to enlist just because of our own ideological
objections to the military industrial complex. There are several major
problems with this line of reasoning.

Termination of the fossil-fuels society
Jan Lundberg, Culture Change

Fossil-fueled civilization has spanned all of modern times, even though its
reign will have been short. But its length has been the most damaging event
in the planet's history during humans' existence. To really fix today's
vast, complex, fossil-fuel-based problem, the culture that created it must
be eliminated.

The Silent Oil Crisis
James Howard, CounterCurrents

In this article we look at how just because developed economies are not
suffering like they did during the 1970s that the oil crisis has not already
begun. The final oil crisis has begun, silent to us, but dangerously there.

The Wal-Mart Thought Police: Sometimes "family values" just means censorship
Amy Schiller, Campus Progress

Based in Bentonville, AR, the brand behemoth has become the self-appointed
culture police by effectively screening the music, books and magazines that
many Americans will be able to access - since in a number of communities, a
Wal-Mart is the only convenient store in the area that stocks culture

Iraqi Order 81 Update :: It is Even Worse Than Originally Reported ::
Rosemarie Jackowski, Media Monitors

The important information about Iraqi Order 81 is that it was designed to
have a major impact on the way farming is done in Iraq. This order prohibits
Iraqi farmers from using the methods of agriculture that they have used for
centuries. The practice of saving seeds from one year to the next is now
illegal in Iraq. Order 81 wages war on Iraqi farmers. They have lost the
freedom to choose their own methods of agriculture. The legalese in which
the orders are written creates confusion about their exact meaning, but the
desired result is obvious. Order 81 prohibits the farmers from using their
own seeds, on their own farms, to grow their own crops.


Too Many People in Nature's Way, Experts Say

Running on empty: Energy analyst says oil dependency is driving us toward a

Natural gas the real economic problem

IEA chief warns of global energy crisis

Military moves in, not to help but to repress

Oil-rich Iraq to ration fuel to ease critical shortages

China faces water crisis

Israeli soldiers tell of indiscriminate killings by army and a culture of

Reserve sealed off, Bushmen threatened at gunpoint

Troops begin combat operations, target "insurgents" in New Orleans

New Orleans will have to be abandoned for 9 months

NY Times reprinted without contradiction Bush's false claim that nobody
"anticipated the breach of the levees"

New Orleans: Law Officers, Overwhelmed, Are Quitting the Force

US forces in Iraq suffered more combat deaths in August than any month this

Gas Crunch

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