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Tom Tomorrow: Bush, Cheney actually radical leftists

Articles of interest

RITA: Storm May Be the Coup de Grace for the American Economy and Many of Us
As Well
Michael C. Ruppert, From the Wilderness

As I pack my bags to head to Washington for Congressional Black Caucus
hearings on the September 11th attacks (to be conducted this Friday and
Saturday) my inbox is being progressively flooded with emails from inside
sources in the energy industry about what Hurricane Rita is now likely to
accomplish - the near-complete destruction of an already teetering US

Rescue Came from the Grassroots: The people, not FEMA, rescued themselves
Bruce Dixon, Black Commentator

It was felons who were the first to feed, the first to respond to need, the
first to get up and do something.

Bush administration's perfect post-Katrina storm gaining strength
Larry Chin, Online Journal

According to the official version, the "incompetent" Bush administration
bungled the Katrina relief effort. Wrong. This administration has gone about
its business like the world-class gangsters that they are. They have,
willfully and quite "competently," done all the things that *really* matter
to them, and disregarded what does not.

Apocalypse Now: How Mankind Is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth
Maria Gilardin, Dissident Voice

In the Hollywood movie "The Day After Tomorrow," the Gulf Stream stops
flowing in a matter of days, creating an instant ice age on the Atlantic
coast and Western Europe. Scientists at Exeter said it would take at least
ten years for such an event to unfold and a few hundred years to set up the
conditions. But they warned that the Thermohaline Circulation, as they call
the Gulf Stream, has stopped flowing before -- and that we have already a
greater than 50% likelihood of a shutdown if we do not enact strict climate

Plans for a military coup? Commandos in the Streets of DC
William M. Arkin, Early Warning Blog

Today, somewhere in the DC metropolitan area, the military is conducting a
highly classified Granite Shadow "demonstration." Granite Shadow is yet
another new Top Secret and compartmented operation related to the military's
extra-legal powers regarding weapons of mass destruction. It allows for
emergency military operations in the United States without civilian
supervision or control.

Blackwater Down: Fresh From Iraq, Private Security Forces Roam the Streets
of an American City With Impunity
Jeremy Scahill, The Nation

The men from Blackwater USA arrived in New Orleans right after Katrina hit.
The company known for its private security work guarding senior US diplomats
in Iraq beat the federal government and most aid organizations to the scene
in another devastated Gulf. About 150 heavily armed Blackwater troops
dressed in full battle gear spread out into the chaos of New Orleans.
Officially, the company boasted of its forces "join[ing] the hurricane
relief effort." But its men on the ground told a different story.

Arming the Left: Is the time now?
Charles Southwell, CLG

I hope you agree that our protests, petitions, letters, and on and on, have
been utterly ignored. The fascistas that run our country laugh at us. They
believe they can do anything and that we haven't got the guts to revolt, but
only to wage a war of words. I have seen the Bush cavalcades, as they drive
away, his aids sneering and jeering and laughing and mocking our protests.
They think we are a JOKE. Tens of millions of Americans protested the war,
but because we posed no REAL THREAT to their power, we were UTTERLY IGNORED.
As long as we pose no REAL threat to the powers-that-be, to what is shaping
up into a dictatorship, we will continue to be ignored. Right now, we are
ignored because we present no organized power to fight this onslaught of
anti-democratic, totalitarian government that we are up against. It will
take time, but it's time to get more left-leaning liberals and outright
leftists to at least POSE a threat, by getting organized and getting ARMED.

"One man can choose to not get back in line"
Monica Benderman, Socialist Worker

People have let themselves be taken over by technology, corporations with no
humanity, greed, marketing--and all of this has removed us further from the
people we should be reaching out to in all the ways that would help us
remain human. We are addicted to an illusion, a huge amusement park full of
rides that do nothing except take our mind off of our humanity, our
frailties, our feelings and our reality. We love the colors, the music and
the rush as we are caught up in the process of moving through tunnels with
holographic images of success, dreams coming true and promises of a better
life. What's worse, people are willingly paying for the right to partake of
the madness, and the rides grow bigger, the price of a ticket rises every
time they rejoin the line, and the world outside--life, humanity--is
becoming a dark wasteland that no one will recognize when the descent is
complete, and the amusement park closes as the money runs dry.

Whitewashing the Protection of Terrorists on US Soil: The Truth about Able
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Media Monitors

Able Danger is merely one example of the extent of the precise advanced
warning received by the US military intelligence community of the 9/11
terrorist attacks, and the real reasons that those attacks were not
thwarted. This was not a case of institutional incompetence, lack of funds,
or structural bureaucratic deficiencies. Rather, deliberate decisions were
made by senior military and government officials to block legitimate
military intelligence investigations into terrorism on US soil, even to the
point of somehow allowing them to gain high level security clearance to
train at US military installations.

This is an act of censorship worthy of Joseph Goebbels
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

The plan to draw up a list of historical events that people can be
prosecuted for celebrating is a sign of a leader losing his grip.

Judge Deeds, Not Words
Norman G. Finkelstein, normanfinkelstein.com

In a recent study entitled One Big Prison, B'Tselem observes that the
crippling economic arrangements Israel has imposed on Gaza will remain in
effect. In addition, Israel will continue to maintain absolute control over
Gaza's land borders, coastline and airspace, and the Israeli army will
continue to operate in Gaza. "So long as these methods of control remain in
Israeli hands," it concludes, "Israel's claim of an 'end of the occupation'
is questionable."

Still Separate, Still Unequal: America's Educational Apartheid
Jonathan Kozol, Harper's Magazine

Many Americans who live far from our major cities and who have no firsthand
knowledge of the realities to be found in urban public schools seem to have
the rather vague and general impression that the great extremes of racial
isolation that were matters of grave national significance some thirty-five
or forty years ago have gradually but steadily diminished in more recent
years. The truth, unhappily, is that the trend, for well over a decade now,
has been precisely the reverse. Schools that were already deeply segregated
twenty-five or thirty years ago are no less segregated now, while thousands
of other schools around the country that had been integrated either
voluntarily or by the force of law have since been rapidly resegregating.

Don't Eat That Fish! More Mercury Will be the Legacy of New Coal-Burning
Kari Lydersen, Infoshop News

The effects of mercury are especially significant given that even though
they may seem like a relic of the industrial past, coal-burning power plants
are actually the major focus of the country's energy plan for the next two
decades. Government reports released last summer included specific plans for
94 new coal-burning power plants in 36 states, and a goal of 1,300 new
coal-burning plants by 2020.

The Penguin Wars
Sheerly Avni, AlterNet

>From multiple mates to gay tolerance to untraditional marriage roles, these
birds are not at all the role models the Christian Right would make them out
to be.


Journalist Robert Fisk refused entry into the US

NPR's "Extremists" -- Do only "extremist groups" connect war and terror?

Rita could equal $5 gas

Models show 'massive devastation' in Houston

FEMA diverts trucks full of ice for Katrina victims to Maine

Historic changes possible in military's role in domestic emergencies

Cindy Sheehan Caravan Stopped by Capitol Police

Pentagon Pushes to Hide 9/11 Mistakes

Pentagon Nixes 9/11 Hearing Testimony

Pentagon Pulls Draft That Discusses Pre-Emptive Use Of Nukes From Website

Military judge bars release of Abu Ghraib photos

Security situation in Baghdad sinking like the Titanic

The 'myth' of Iraq's foreign fighters

London mayor: Terrorism can be justified

Police Disrupt Peasant Gathering in Lombok, Indonesia, 37 Peasants Shot and

Professor Documents Glacial Retreat, Warns of Global Warming's Impact

Europe's 2003 Heatwave Altered Carbon Cycle

The Real Oil Shock

Nigeria rebels storm oil station

IEA Warns Non-OPEC Oil Production Will Decline Soon

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