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The Onion: President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals

"The war in Vietnam is going well and will succeed." - Defense Secretary
Robert McNamara, 1963

"We are in this fight to win, and we are winning." - George Bush, State of
the Union Speech, Jan 31, 2006

SOUTH AMERICAN PIPELINE WARS: Chavez Bloc Races with Oil Cartel to Grid the 
by Bill Weinberg

Some observers believe that the proposed network's competition with the
pipelines already pumping or under construction will have a destabilizing
effect on the new South American bloc. A perhaps more fundamental
contradiction is that indigenous and campesino communities whose lands stand
in the path of Chavez' proposed pipelines could find themselves facing the
same kinds of pressures they now face before the corporate
mega-projects-thereby undermining a crucial constituency of the region's
left-populist governments.

Annexing Khuzestan; battle-plans for Iran
by Mike Whitney

The Bush administration's attention has shifted to a small province in
southwestern Iran that is unknown to most Americans. Never the less,
Khuzestan will become the next front in the war on terror and the lynchpin
for prevailing in the global resource war. If the Bush administration can
sweep into the region (under the pretext disarming Iran's nuclear weapons
programs) and put Iran's prodigious oil wealth under US control, the dream
of monopolizing Middle East oil will have been achieved.

Other articles of interest

It's capitalism or a habitable planet - you can't have both
Robert Newman, The Guardian

Our economic system is unsustainable by its very nature. The only response
to climate chaos and peak oil is major social change.

THE END OF SUBURBIA -- Or the Beginning of Widespread Permaculture?
David Holmgren, Permaculture Magazine

So, in an energy-descent future, what are the prospects close to home - here
where we live in suburbia? Will it be the end of suburbia? What if we can no
longer afford to commute to work by car? What if we are dependent on food
and energy supplies that are transported long distances at increasing
expense? What if the services and functionality of our communities decline
further so that there is ever-diminishing support from local councils and
police, for example? There is a real and viable alternative to this
seemingly alarming scenario - a retrofit of suburbia - a remodelling of
local neighbourhoods and communities for an energy-descent future.

Wealth is beginning to reduce our freedoms and happiness
George Monbiot, monbiot.com

Two weeks ago, writing in the Financial Times, the economist Andrew Oswald
observed that "the hippies, the Greens, the road protesters, the
downshifters, the slow-food movement - all are having their quiet revenge.
Routinely derided, the ideas of these down-to-earth philosophers are being
confirmed by new statistical work by psychologists and economists."(1) As I
qualify on most counts, I will regard this as a vindication. Oswald's point
is that the industrialised countries have not become happier as they've
become richer. Rates of depression and stress have risen, and people report
no greater degree of satisfaction with their lives than their poorer
ancestors did. In the United States, the sense of well-being has actually

BOTTLED WATER: Pouring Resources Down the Drain
Emily Arnold, Earth Policy Institute

The global consumption of bottled water reached 154 billion liters (41
billion gallons) in 2004, up 57 percent from the 98 billion liters consumed
five years earlier. Even in areas where tap water is safe to drink, demand
for bottled water is increasing-producing unnecessary garbage and consuming
vast quantities of energy. Although in the industrial world bottled water is
often no healthier than tap water, it can cost up to 10,000 times more. At
as much as $2.50 per liter ($10 per gallon), bottled water costs more than

The Kings of Creepy
Annalee Newitz, AlterNet

On privacy issues, Microsoft may not be as bad as you think -- but Google
may not be as good.

Sliming a Famous Muckraker: The Untold Story
Greg Mitchell, Editor & Publisher

A recent Los Angeles Times article, and then a widely-published Jonah
Goldberg column, questioned the character of Upton Sinclair, based on the
discovery of a 1929 letter about the Sacco and Vanzetti case. One problem:
Some facts were overlooked or wrong.

What an Idiot! Bush Jumpstarts the Alternative Energy Movement...with His
Own Hot Air Demonstration
Daniel Patrick Welch, Press Action

Brave souls were treated to the usual lies, exaggerations, distortions and
demagoguery, as ol' Ronnie would say. But a few brazen nuggets stand out: it
was refreshing, in a perverse sort of way, to hear the biggest recipient of
political oil money on the face of the earth rail against special interests.
We're addicted to oil! Says the oilmonger. We must guard against the
tendency to centralize power in Washington, says the Unitary Executive. We
need to seek bipartisan solutions, says the man behind the curtain of the
most ruthless rubber stamp congress in memory, who shuts out the opposition
in closed conferences at which major revisions to legislation are decided.


FBI Agents Back Down When Librarian Refuses to Let Them Seize 30 Computers
Without a Warrant

AT&T sued over NSA eavesdropping

Top US Army intelligence officer: Army has authority to spy on Americans

Cowardly military brass horrified over a little cartoon that depicts of "the
reality of the situation"

They Can't Handle the Truth: Tom Toles cartoon that pissed off the Joint

SOTU speech: Bush repeats litany of lies and bullshit

Capitol Police Apologize to Activist Sheehan, Admit Arrest Was Unwarranted

Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps

Hundreds of mentally ill to be executed in America

Happiness: The radicals were right all along

Nutritional levels of minerals dramatically declined in meat and milk, study
blames the decline on intensive farming

Los Angeles: Court Rules Against South Central Farm's Autonomy

Mali Farmers Reject GM Crops as Attack on Their Way of Life

Standard & Poor's specialists predict global economic Armageddon

Housing slowdown squeezes borrowers as foreclosure cases hit 12-year high

American wages increase by smallest amount in nine years

Americans continue to spend beyond their means

Energy Investment Guru Claims $150 a Barrel Oil is Cheap

Nigeria: oil delta burns with hate

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