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"My administration has focused the nation's resources on our highest
priority - protecting our citizens and our homeland." - George Bush

"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great
nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our
homeland." - Adolph Hitler

They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45

Comic: Fanatics

"Dangerous" academics: Right-wing distortions about leftist professors
by Robert Jensen

In an "urgent" email last week, right-wing activist David Horowitz hyped his
latest book about threats to America's youth from leftist professors. The ad
for "The Professors-The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America" describes
me as: "Texas Journalism Professor Robert Jensen, who rabidly hates the
United States, and recently told his students, 'The United States has lost
the war in Iraq and that's a good thing.'" I'm glad Horowitz got my name
right (people often misspell it "Jenson"). But everything else is
distortion, and that one sentence teaches much about the reactionary right's
disingenuous rhetorical strategy.

"We All Want What's His": A Review of Paul Siegel's The Meek and the
Militant: Religion and Power Across the World (Haymarket, 2006)
Reviewed by Ron Jacobs

In a time when it seems that religious justifications for the excesses of
both revolutionary and reactionary impulses are the standard, Haymarket
Books republication of Paul Siegel's The Meek and the Militant is a useful
resource for the individual looking for a rational analysis of the
relationship between religion and power. The book, which was originally
published in 1986, provides a historical overview of the world's five great
religions and takes a look at their relationship to power both inside and
outside of government and capital.

Other articles of interest

Petrocollapse and Food Security at the South Central Farm
Jennifer Murphy, Axis of Logic

The farm may be receiving an eviction notice any day now, and in the light
of Jan's talk, this makes no sense at all. The average distance food travels
between the farm and the dinner table in this country is 1500 miles. Our
city's food supply lines are dangerously dependent on petroleum-powered
transportation and petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides. Rather than
destroy existing vibrant, community-operated agricultural production we
should be supporting and expanding it to every neighborhood in town.

The Mid-Apocalypse Review
Jason Godesky, Anthropik Network

It's been an unseasonably warm winter so far, including the warmest January
on record. According to NOAA's report, this past month saw "an average
temperature of 39.5 degrees F, which is 8.5 degrees F (4.7 degrees C) above
the 1895-2005 mean of 31.0 degrees F." Nor is this merely a stateside
phenomenon; the Aussies are reporting the same thing down under. At the same
time, Europeans are dying from the cold. The reasons for such enormous
variability, from record highs to lethal cold, is not exactly
mysterious--even a layman like myself was able to predict Europe's
temperatures, back in September. Europe's lethal cold and last year's
hurricanes are both part of the same phenomenon: the extinction of the Gulf

The Permanent Energy Crisis
Michael T. Klare, TomDispatch

In North America, the supply of natural gas is rapidly disappearing. In a
reflection of our desperate (and demented) condition, Canada is now starting
to divert some of its remaining natural gas to the manufacture of synthetic
oil from tar sands, so as to ease the pressure on supplies of conventional

Vilified as 'Terrorists,' Eco-activists Face New Offensive by Business
Catherine Komp, The New Standard

In an attempt to shield private property and development from saboteurs,
business lobbyists are pushing new laws that would further criminalize the
actions of radical ecological activists. Government officials and
corporations are applying the rubric of anti-terrorism to penalize those who
destroy company or government property when protesting mistreatment of
animals and the ecosystem.

Thomas Francis, The Stranger

They didn't hurt anybody-but they allegedly torched empty buildings, cars,
and ski resorts. Are environmental extremists terrorists? And do they
deserve life in prison?

The Bland Leading the Blind: The Nanny Press and the Cartoon Controversy
Ted Rall, Common Dreams

If these cowards were worried about offending the faithful, they wouldn't
cover or quote such Muslim-bashers as Ann Coulter, Christopher Hitchens or
George W. Bush. The truth is, our national nanny media is managed by cowards
so terrified by the prospect of their offices being firebombed that they
wallow in self-censorship. Precisely because they subvert free speech from
within with their oh-so-reasonable odes for "moderation" and against
"sensationalism," the gatekeepers of our national nanny media are more
dangerous to Western values than distant mullahs and clueless neocons

Western Targets: The Iraqi insurgency is still primarily an anti-occupation
Fred Kaplan, Slate

New data reveal, surprisingly, that the vast majority of the Iraqi
insurgents' attacks are still aimed not at Iraqi security forces or at
civilians, but rather at U.S. and coalition troops. In other words, as much
as was the case a year or two ago, the Iraqi insurgency is primarily an
anti-occupation insurgency.

Who's the Bigger Hawk, George or Hillary?
Joshua Frank, Antiwar.com

You'd have to pull out a microscope to differentiate between George W. Bush
and Hillary Clinton. Both want a continued occupation of Iraq. Both want
sanctions on Iran. And they both claim to want democracy in the Middle East.
Yet neither will accept a democratic outcome if it doesn't favor U.S.

Tale of a Connecticut Donkey
Sheila Samples, Press Action

Lieberman, like so many of his congressional peers, has sworn to do whatever
it takes to protect Israel, and all appear to be blinded by ideology.
Therefore, they are condemned to show up for work morning after morning in a
chamber that reeks of blood.

Kansas Education Shortchanged by Corporate Tax Breaks
Kari Lydersen, Infoshop News

The Kansas public school system has become famous-or infamous-worldwide as a
leader in the fundamentalist Christian movement to de-emphasize the teaching
of evolution and introduce creationism and intelligent design to the
curriculum. But another important story in Kansas schools has gone
relatively unnoticed.

Echoes of Fascism: Rhetoric We've Heard Before
Katherine Brengle, ICH

According to Dr. Lawrence Britt's "14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism,"
we are in big trouble here in the Disunited States of America. While the
American right continues to laugh at our comparisons of Bush's ongoing
rhetoric and the rhetoric of fascist dictator Adolf Hitler, it is no
laughing matter.

Hamas and Democracy
Charley Reese, Antiwar.com

I laughed when Hamas swept the Palestinian elections. After all, President
Bush and his gang of neoconservative ideologues have been preaching that
democracy in the Middle East will lead to peace. Oops. Now the president
will once more have to expose himself as the hypocrite he is. Democracy is
good, in Mr. Bush's view, only if it elects the people he wants in office.
The choice of the Palestinian majority, expressed in what all the observers
said was a free and fair election, is not acceptable to Mr. Bush. Hamas, you
should know, has been around for a long time, and for most of that time, the
United States did not label it a terrorist organization. Hamas has a
military wing, but the majority of its efforts have been in providing
welfare, medical care, and education to dirt-poor Palestinians who would
have to do without but for Hamas. Unlike the corrupt Fatah, the Palestinian
party Mr. Bush apparently wanted to win, Hamas has a reputation for being
honest. If there is anything American politicians fear, it is an honest man.

Sex Clerks' Dirty Secrets
Liz Langley, AlterNet

Your friendly neighborhood adult novelty store is helping out regular folks
like you -- in more meaningful ways than you might expect.

Ultra-Paternalistic Asshole: Bono Must Be Stopped
Holler If Ya Hear Me Blog

In October, U2's Bono had a friendly meeting President Bush in which he set
aside any remaining integrity by ignoring things like the Iraq war, the
environment, and runaway corporate profiteering in order to advance his
celebrity-driven version of helping the poor. Then, to make matters worse,
he proclaimed in a Rolling Stone interview that he was, indeed, the messiah:
"I'm representing the poorest and the most vulnerable people. On a spiritual
level, I have that with me. I'm throwing a punch, and the fist belongs to
those people who can't be in the room, whose rage, whose anger, whose hurt I
represent. The moral force is way beyond mine."


Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Danish paper cancels plans to republish cartoons about Israel

Google's China censorship sets dangerous precedent

The NSA's relationship with Reuters and AP

Worse than McCarthy

Educators getting fired for advocating peace

Homeland Security frightened by kindergarten kids

Criticize Bush, get investigated for sedition

New US detention camps are cause for concern

US plans massive data sweep: Little-known data-collection system could troll
news, blogs, even e-mails

Bush to inject more tax dollars into the government's propaganda machinery
while slashing budget for public broadcasters

Exposed: The Secret Corporate Funding Behind Health Research

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales "a lazy fascist"

The New Nazis: US scientists excited by new nuclear bomb project

Totalitarian Democrats: Dems push bill to ban independent political party

Overkill: the latest police trend in murdering unarmed, non-violent
"suspects" over petty crimes

"He's full of shit" -- Intel pros say Bush is lying about foiling 2002
terror attack

US military warns soldiers to stay away from Turkish movie on Iraq war

Steal from the poor, give to the military

Revealed: secret plan to keep UK troops permanently in Iraq

Attacks by Iraqis against violent occupiers on the increase

Virtually every measure of Iraq's oil, electricity, water and sewerage
sectors has fallen below pre-invasion levels

Gasoline crisis in Iraq

Israel plans to build "museum of tolerance" on Muslim graves

Israel unveils plan to encircle Palestinian state

Chavez Frias warns anarchist elements not to mess with communal councils

Italy sees anarchists as biggest threat, not Islamic terrorists

Turkey: Court drops prosecution of writer Orhan Pamuk

Indian Water Activists Launch Anti-Privatization Campaign

Example of most effective way to prevent being exploited: World's most
isolated tribe kills invaders

'Lost World' Found in Indonesian Jungle

Nearly 5,000 hospitalized, over 800 dead in Ukraine from cold weather

Mexico's oil output may decline sharply

Sweden plans to be world's first oil-free economy

Canada has 8 years of natural gas left

Scientists Warn of Melting Ice in Arctic

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