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The Underground History of American Education

The Countdown to War with Iran
by Mike Whitney

The media has assumed its traditional role of fanning the flames for war by
providing ample space for the spurious allegations of administration
officials, right-wing pundits, and disgruntled Iranian exiles, while
carefully omitting the relevant facts in Iran's defense. As always, the New
York Times has spearheaded the propaganda war with an article by Richard
Bernstein and Steven Weisman which lays out the sketchy case against Iran.
In the first paragraph the Bernstein-Weisman combo suggest that Iran has
restarted "research that could give it technology to create nuclear
weapons." Nuclear weapons? Perhaps, the NY Times knows something that the
IAEA inspectors don't? If so, they should step forward and reveal the facts.
More likely, however, they are simply following in the tradition of mentor
Judith Miller whose scurrilous front-pages articles misled the nation to war
with Iraq.

Pants on Fire - The Liars of the Bush Administration will take the world
down in flames if we let them
By Daniel Patrick Welch

The country that drenched southeast Asia in a warm bath of dioxin has the
balls to talk about chemical weapons--Saddam's most egregious crime,
remember, was that he "gassed his own people," while the generations of
deformed Agent Orange babies in Vietnam deserve no parallel treatment.
"Useable" nukes will somehow help us prevent nuclear proliferation, even as
other countries scared to death are scrambling to get nukes to avoid become
the US' next victim. Meanwhile, nuclear war is already here: the Persian
Gulf has been saturated with depleted uranium munitions not once, but twice,
with all the vigor of elites whose kids are not sent to war. More than half
of the soldiers of the first Gulf War are on some form of disability, and
the coming DU crisis will engulf US society as it has already done to Iraq.
Widespread torture will keep us safe, and somehow quell the rage of those
who oppose our policies. Spying on nonviolent peace groups will preserve our
civil liberties. Quakers, for God's sake! I thought everyone pretty much
knew that Nixon was the only dangerous Quaker. No wonder a recent internet
sendup claimed that George Orwell's estate was suing the Bush Administration
for stealing his ideas.

Other articles of interest

Civilization reduces quality of life
Jason Godesky, Anthropik Network

Nothing in human existence has had a more profoundly negative impact on our
quality of life than civilization. As we have already seen, it introduced
the unnecessary evil of hierarchy; it introduced the difficult, dangerous,
and unhealthy agricultural lifestyle; it makes us sick, but provides no
better medicine to counterbalance that effect. It introduced endemic levels
of stress, a diet and lifestyle maladapted and deleterious to our health,
war as we know it, and ecological disaster, but it has given us nothing to
counterbalance those effects; it has no monopoly on medicine, or knowledge
in general, or even art, making the overall impact of civilization on
quality of life disastrous.

The Collapse of Complex Systems
Dale Allen Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer's Blog

We need to begin restructuring our lifestyles, our households, our
neighborhoods, and our communities. We need to adapt for self-sufficiency
and sustainability. And while we are doing this, we need to evolve some new
criteria for measuring prosperity, and a new respect for our environment and
for each other. These are things that we can undertake at a grassroots
level, and which will do the most good in the long run.

The Panopticon: A Mass Surveillance Prison For Humanity
Latest trends in Big Brother outstrip Orwell's worst nightmare
Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet

The Panopticon is defined as a prison so constructed that the inspector can
see each of the prisoners at all times, without being seen. This is an
accurate description of the accelerating movement by western governments to
erect giant, powerful, all-pervading mass surveillance, tracking and control
grids that will keep all populations firmly under the baleful and watchful
gaze of Big Brother.

Bush could seize absolute control of U.S. government
Doug Thompson, Capitol Hill Blue

President George W. Bush has signed executive orders giving him sole
authority to impose martial law, suspend habeas corpus and ignore the Posse
Comitatus Act that prohibits deployment of U.S. troops on American streets.
This would give him absolute dictatorial power over the government with no
checks and balances. Bush discussed imposing martial law on American streets
in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by activating "national
security initiatives" put in place by Ronald Reagan during the 1980s. These
"national security initiatives," hatched in 1982 by controversial Marine
Colonel Oliver North, later one of the key players in the Iran-Contra
Scandal, charged the Federal Emergency Management Agency with administering
executive orders that allowed suspension of the Constitution, implementation
of martial law, establishment of internment camps, and the turning the
government over to the President.

It's Already Happened
William Norman Grigg, The New American

The women were passing messages saying `Please come and kill me, because of
what's happened.' Basically what happened is that those women who were
arrested with young boys/children in cases that have been recorded. The boys
were sodomized with the cameras rolling. The worst about all of them is the
soundtrack of the boys shrieking.... They are in total terror it's going to
come out. It's impossible to say to yourself how do we get there? who are
we? Who are these people that sent us there?" One of the people who "sent us
there" was John C. Yoo, and he admits that he regards the sexual torture of
children to be a legal and justifiable tactic, if authorized by the

The Mendacity Of Ron Harris: The Embedded Journalist Who Got It Wrong
Paul Rockwell, ZNet

Months ago, few Americans ever heard of the embedded reporter for the St.
Louis Post Dispatch. It was not until he launched a smear campaign against
Sergeant Jimmy Massey, a Marine who publicly confessed to killing innocent
civilians on the road to Baghdad, that Harris made a name for himself in the
mainstream media, including CNN. Harris attacked Massey for speaking out
about the carnage in Iraq. He questioned Massey's motives and the veracity
of his story. When Harris made his accusations, however, he did not realize
that Massey's claims about civilian killings were already corroborated by
three other Marines with whom he served. Their testimony is recorded on tape
by Massey's publisher and a Danish journalist.

He Broke Ranks; He Did the Right Thing
Hugh Thompson and My Lai
Clancy Sigal, CounterPunch

There is an Ugly American, a Quiet American and then there's Hugh Thompson,
the Army helicopter pilot who, with his two younger crew mates, was on a
mission to draw enemy fire over the Vietnamese village of My Lai in March,
1968. Hovering over a paddy field, they watched a platoon of American
soldiers led by Lt. William Calley, deliberately shoot unarmed Vietnamese
civilians, mainly women and children, cowering in muddy ditches. Thompson
landed his craft and appealed to the soldiers, and to Calley, to stop the
killings. Calley told Thompson to mind his own business. Thompson took off
but then one of his crew shouted that the shooting had begun again.
According to his later testimony, Thompson was uncertain what to do.
Americans murdering innocent bystanders was hard for him to process. But
when he saw Vietnamese survivors chased by soldiers, he landed his chopper
between the villagers and troopers, and ordered his crew to fire at any
American soldiers shooting at civilians.

Their Armageddonites, and Ours: Iran's president and Pat Robertson more
alike than you think
Jon Basil Utley, Antiwar.com

Pat Robertson and 20 million American fundamentalists are not alone. The new
president of Iran also believes that the end of the world is nigh and
"believers" can help speed it up.

Gag Reflex
Chris Floyd, Moscow Times

If President George W. Bush shows no qualms about violating the 217-year-old
U.S. Constitution or the 791-year-old Magna Carta, why should we be
surprised to find that he is now violating the 2,400-year-old Hippocratic
Oath? And yet this week's revelation of how U.S. doctors are force-feeding
captives on hunger strike in Bush's concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay
still has the power to shock and sicken -- not just from the savage act
itself, but also for the wider moral defeat it represents: another open
embrace of raw brutality, another step in America's accelerating plunge into
vicious despotism.

Zinester's Paradise
Laura Barcella, AlterNet

Lisa Crystal Carver, creator of the underground zine 'Rollerderby,' opens up
about her transformation from small-town teen to international lit-punk


Bush to criminalize protesters under Patriot Act as "disruptors"

Bush authorized domestic spying *before* 9/11

You're being watched ... Efforts to collect data on Americans go far beyond
the NSA's domestic spying program

The Scoop That Got Spiked: Times delay on wiretap story leaves questions

Attack on Community Franchising for Cable TV Threatens to Eliminate Last
Vestige of Localism, Public Service, Media Accountability

Annoying someone via the internet is now a federal crime

Washington Bans US Author From Traveling to Cuba

Backdoor draft, back again

German media reports on collusion of German intelligence agents in Iraq war

Documents tie shadowy US military unit to inmate abuse case

Syria in their sites: the neocons plan their next "cakewalk"

'Doomsday' seed bank to be built

Frog deaths tied to warmer Earth: Study 'first clear evidence' of extinction
and warming link

Extreme weather in Asia: The Big Freeze

Bankruptcy filings hit record 2M in 2005

Criminalizing the homeless: 20 meanest cities

US Emergency Medicine System Near Breaking Point

Mandatory 55-year prison sentence for selling plants and carrying a legal
weapon for legitimate self-defense

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