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We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was
"legal" and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was
"illegal." -- Martin Luther King, Jr., "Letter from Birmingham Jail," Why We
Can't Wait, 1963

"The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of
extremists will we be?" -- Martin Luther King

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that 
matter." -- Martin Luther King

MLK Day: Dreams and nightmares
by Robert Jensen

King articulated -- perhaps more eloquently than anyone had to that point --
the demand that the United States make good on the American dream, for all
its citizens. But on April 4, 1967, at the Riverside Church in New York
City, in a speech titled "Beyond Vietnam," King spoke just as eloquently of
the nightmare that lies underneath that dream. In that speech to Clergy and
Laymen Concerned about Vietnam, King not only made a compelling case for
ending the U.S. attack on Vietnam, but went beyond that to diagnose a failed

How the West and the West Bank Were Won
by Jason Miller

As I write to you from the heart of the Midwest, the epicenter of one of
history's most egregious and shameful genocides, I watch with horror and
moral revulsion as the US military industrial complex underwrites and
supports a similar act of social extermination in the Middle East.

Fifteen Years of War -- And Who's Better Off?
by Ron Jacobs

How are the people living in this country faring? Are we better off? Are we
a freer people? As I said before, the answers to this question depend on
where one sits. Given that, let me say that I sit in the US South and I work
for a living that pays less than $10.00 an hour. My situation is not
uncommon. In fact, it seems to be the standard.

Other articles of interest

A Time to Break Silence
Rev. Martin Luther King, ICH

By 1967, King had become the country's most prominent opponent of the
Vietnam War, and a staunch critic of overall U.S. foreign policy, which he
deemed militaristic. In his "Beyond Vietnam" speech delivered at New York's
Riverside Church on April 4, 1967 -- a year to the day before he was
murdered -- King called the United States "the greatest purveyor of violence
in the world today."

Web Censorship for Dummies
Annalee Newitz, AlterNet

Given all the bad porn on the Internet, I guess it's only fair that there
should be some truly terrible ideas about stopping porn on the Internet too.
The latest comes from a group called CP80, which sadly isn't a phalanx of
uptight androids who enjoy mysteriously homoerotic relationships with
mailbox-shaped companions. Instead they're a group pushing something called
the "Internet Channel Initiative," a "technology solution" designed to stamp
out free speech -- erm, I mean porno -- on the Internet.

Norman Finkelstein In The Cross Hairs: A Persuasive and Influential Maverick
Gets Silenced
Philip Greenspan, Swans

Finkelstein is so effective and influential that the establishment fears him
and must exert considerable efforts to silence him. His book is not getting
reviewed in the mainstream and it hurts sales. The truth will be revealed,
however. While the mainstream media has been losing readers the Internet has
become a rapidly growing source. More and more people get their news from
that source. The book is not hitting the sales targets he had hoped but
those who read it are impressed.

Ted Koppel: "Natural Fit" at NPR News and Longtime Booster of Henry
Norman Solomon, Media Monitors

There's some grim irony in the statement issued by NPR's senior vice
president for programming: "Ted and NPR are a natural fit, with curiosity
about the world and commitment to getting to the heart of the story. The
role of news analyst has been a tradition on NPR newsmagazines and there is
no one better qualified to uphold and grow that tradition than Ted." But
"the heart of the story" about U.S. foreign policy has often involved
deceptions from Washington. And since Koppel became a prominent journalist,
he has been a fervent booster of one of the most prodigious and murderous
deceivers in U.S. history.

Iran, Blogging Against the Regime
Alex Alper and Laura Barcella, AlterNet

In April 2003, Iran became the first government to imprison a blogger: Sina
Motallebi of the popular weblog RoozNegar.com. (Despite anti-censorship
public outcry, the Iranian government still uses extensive filtering to
block out Internet content deemed inappropriate.) It seems that as the
regime has tried to crack down on "immorality," dissent and secularity,
Iranians have become more polarized against the government, creating a
fast-growing community of political and personal bloggers.

Murderous Cowards: Smart-Bombing Iraqi Families While They Sleep
Brian Cloughley, CounterPunch

The kids who were killed by US bombs and cannon fire directed deliberately
by gung-ho yippee-shooting jet-jocks were not "drawn into" their barbaric
bombing. This is one of the most disgusting attempts at mind-bending yet
achieved by the robotic brain-washed fanatics of the US propaganda
factories. These children were killed because the people who ordered their
death and those who murdered them are devoid of pity and revel in the
technical expertise that separates killer from victim. They have no
connection with spouting blood and shattered limbs. They play real-life
video games in which they cause children to die in many horrible ways. They
are clinically detached from the death and destruction that is their joy and
professional climax. They are monsters.

Prisoners in Their Own Land: 800,000 Palestinians Sealed Off in Northern
West Bank
Amira Hass, Haaretz

For a month now, since the second week of December 2005, the Israel Defense
Forces has severed the northern part of the West Bank from other sections,
and prohibited residents from traveling toward Ramallah and points
southward. The ban applies to some 800,000 people, residents of the Tul
Karm, Nablus and Jenin provinces.

Leaked Memo: Corrupt DEA Agents in Colombia Help Narcos and Paramilitaries
Bill Conroy, Narco News

The drug war is supposed to follow a very clear script: According to the
official screenwriters, the U.S. justice system is pitted against corrupt
players in foreign countries who are trying to flood American streets with
illicit drugs. The narco-traffickers, crooked cops, and thieving politicians
in the drug war are always over there, in Latin America, and elsewhere, and
U.S. law enforcers and government officials are always the good guys
battling these forces of evil. But what happens when evidence surfaces that
turns that script on its ear? What happens if proof emerges that it is the
U.S. justice system that is corrupt? A document obtained recently by Narco
News makes those questions more than hypothetical queries. In this document,
Department of Justice attorney Thomas M. Kent claims that federal agents
with the Drug Enforcement Administration's office in Bogotá, Colombia, are
the corrupt players in the war on drugs.

The Singular Story Of The Cuban Five
Leonard Weinglass, Le Monde Diplomatique (via ZNet)

The mission of the Five was not to obtain U.S. military secrets, as was
charged,  but rather to monitor the terrorist activities of those
mercenaries and report their planned threats back to Cuba..  The arrest and
prosecution of these men for their courageous attempt to stop the terror was
not only unjust, it exposed the hypocrisy of America's claim to oppose
terrorism wherever it surfaces. Nothing reveals this more than the contrast
between the U.S. government's handling of the Five's case with that of
Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles.  Both Bosch and Carriles were
members, even leaders, of the Miami terror network and self confessed
terrorists, who planted a bomb on a Cubana airline in 1976, which exploded
in midair, killing 73 people.

Weighing the Options: The Next Path for Israel / Palestine
Remi Kanazi, Media Monitors

The Palestinian people cannot see independence with only the election of
Amir Peretz. The Israeli people cannot see security with only the election
of democratic progressives such as Barghouti and Ashrawi. They need each
other. Two people: one land. Bilateral negotiations are fundamental in
recognizing and engaging with the other side. The way of the future for
Israel and Palestine is not Apartheid, not separation, but unification and

Liberating Truth, Understanding Illusions: An Interview with Roxanne
Seth Sandronsky, MR Zine

I think it's somewhat an illusion that the right wing is on a roll, because
the United States has been the essence of capitalism and imperialism from
its founding.  Rather, the bold actions of the Bush administration since 911
have revealed just how weak civil society opposition is in this country.

Collapse increases quality of life
Jason Godesky, Anthropik Network

We have seen what disastrous effect civilization has had on our quality of
life, but the alternative--collapse--seems little better. However superior
the Paleolithic way of life might have been, it is long gone, and there does
not seem to be any way back. For the past ten millennia, that sentiment has
been true. But, as we have seen, we are now nearing the limits to our
growth, and we are past the point of diminishing returns for our investments
in further complexity. Collapse is now inevitable--it is already underway.
Collapse is an economizing process that begins when the
alternative--continuing civilization--is no longer tolerable. We stand on
the brink of collapse. That is a statement that would terrify most people,
but it shouldn't: collapse increases our quality of life.


Ellsberg urges whistleblowing

The Nation magazine runs racist ad trashing Palestinians

A columnist backed by Monsanto

How the FBI spied on Edward Said

USDA using satellites to spy on farmers

NSA used city police as trackers

A Protest, a Spy Program and a Campus in an Uproar

IRS thugs harassing the poor

Psychotropic drug prescriptions for teens surge 250 percent over seven

Florida: Pigs knew gun was fake before murdering middleschooler

Police Department gives officer medal for shooting black teen in the back of
the head

Old, Blind, Crippled -- and fit for execution

Despicable Coward John McCain Defends Mass Murder of Children, Civilians

Proof Bush deceived America

Rotting within: The State of the Empire, 2006

2005: The Year Hatred Went Mainstream Along U.S-Mexico Border

Arundhati Roy refuses Indian award

Zapatistas will not attend Evo Morales inauguration in Bolivia

Why the US should pay attention to the Zapatistas

Europe complicit in CIA "dirty work"

War crimes: Germany admits it provided targeting info to the biggest
terrorist outfit on the planet

Iran airstrikes under consideration

Pakistan furious over airstrikes

Morrissey supports radical animal liberation tactics

Absolute resource control: It starts with a seed

US living standards in 2005 continued downward trend

Iraq, the mother of all budget busters

US heading for financial crisis at top speed

Global warming to speed up as carbon levels show sharp rise

Environment in crisis: 'We are past the point of no return'

The Earth is About to Catch a Morbid Fever That May Last as Long as 100,000

The boiling point is coming for the fight against climate change

Arizona could have driest winter season in centuries

To Seattle Native Americans, Redskins Are the Shame of the Game

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