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Following the principles we claim to hold/being the people we claim to be
by Robert Jensen

This hyper-religious, pathologically nationalistic, brutally capitalist,
inhumanly high-energy/high-technology society in which we live is a
dead-end. There is no rescuing it. All that is left to do is say a few words
over the grave, toss in a handful of dirt, and walk away as we often do at
funerals of people about whom we had mixed feelings -- remembering that
there were some good things about the deceased, but secretly being glad
they're gone. America is dead.

Other articles of interest

Imminent Peril, Part 1
Dale Allen Pfeiffer, Dale Allen Pfeiffer's Blog

Current world events are being played out against a setting of resource
depletion and other environmental problems which are not recognized by most
people, nor even acknowledged by many of the world's decision makers. In
fact, there is a concerted effort by many corporations and economists to
dismiss these problems as nonexistent.

How America Kills Iraqi Journalists for Their Own Good
Lila Rajiva, Dissident Voice

Michael Schrage, a former Washington Post columnist and current MIT security
studies maven recently penned a column in the Outlook section of the
Washington Post about the US strategy of paying Iraqi journalists to place
stories favorable to the US in the media. The strategy, originally revealed
by the LA Times on December 2005, provoked condemnation from journalists as
far apart as Christopher Hitchens, leftist addition to the militerati, and
Alexander Cockburn. An egregious breach of journalistic ethics was the
consensus view. "Enough already," says Schrage in his Post piece. "Securing
positive coverage for our troops in Iraq can be as important to their safety
as "up-armoring" vehicles and providing state-of-the-art body armor. The
failure to wage the media war is a failure to command." To the extent that
Schrage is arguing that massaging the news is not a recent development for
the military, he is right. Fake news is not new.

Unfathomed Dangers in Patriot Act Reauthorization
Paul Craig Roberts, LewRockwell.com

A provision in the "Patriot Act" creates a new federal police force with
power to violate the Bill of Rights. You might think that this cannot be
true as you have not read about it in newspapers or heard it discussed by
talking heads on TV.

Let There Be Wi-Fi: Broadband is the electricity of the 21st century-and
much of America is being left in the dark
Robert McChesney and John Podesta, Washington Monthly

Despite all the opposition from telecom companies and their political
allies, some municipalities are finding ways to provide broadband to their
residents. Community Internet projects are already up and running in dozens
of small towns and coming soon to bigger cities like Philadelphia, Portland,
and Minneapolis. These cities recognize broadband as perhaps the single most
important factor in transforming their local economies and the lives of
average citizens. Community Internet could revolutionize and democratize
communications in this country. But the major obstacle to universal,
affordable broadband access for all Americans is not economic or technical.
It's political.

Hillary Clinton, War Goddess: She wants permanent bases in Iraq - and
threatens war with Iran
Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com

Clinton is the first American politician to come out squarely in favor of
building what amounts to launching pads for further aggression in the
region. This is something even the Bush administration has been canny about,
never acknowledging their clear plans to lay the groundwork for such bases.
Not Hillary, however: she isn't the least bit shy about her vision of
consolidating and projecting American power all the way to Tehran - and
beyond. She's intent on out-neoconning the neocons - a risky proposition,
given the proclivities of her Democratic base, but one that she embraces, it
seems, as a matter of high principle.

The Dilemma of Armed Struggle in the Global South
Garry Leech, Columbia Journal

A Danish fashion company called Fighters and Lovers is selling T-shirts
promoting two armed groups in the global South: the Revolutionary Armed
Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of
Palestine (PFLP). Not only is the company producing clothing emblazoned with
the acronyms of these two armed organizations, they are donating $6.00 from
the sale of each shirt to the groups. Proceeds from the FARC-labeled shirts
will be used to fund rebel radio stations while the PFLP-labeled shirts will
support a graphics studio in the Palestinian territories. Both of these
groups are on the U.S. and European Union lists of terrorist organizations.
Consequently, both the company and its customers have been accused of
supporting terrorist groups. The company's actions, however, raise broader
questions about who decides who is a terrorist and the methods people should
employ in their struggle to achieve social justice.

An American Hitler and his Gestapo
Doug Thompson, Capitol Hill Blue

The U.S. Department of Justice, led by Alberto "The Constitution is an
outdated document" Gonzales, wants to know if you've been looking at any
racy material on the Internet. Yahoo and MSN have already complied with
subpoenas from Gonzales' storm troopers demanding records on who is using
their search services to look at porno sites on the Internet. Google, to
their credit, said no and is now caught in a tough legal fight against the
George Bush's Gestapo. Ohmigod! Did he say Gestapo? Damn right I did. If you
don't think the rights-robbing, privacy-invading, Constitution ignoring
administration of George W. Bush is anything less than a Hitler-style
Gestapo then you've got your head stuffed so far up your ass that all that
brown stuff is blinding you.

Jon Stewart: Warmonger, Pro-US Empire
Charles Demers, Seven Oaks Magazine

Stewart, accordingly, is taking every opportunity to remind his viewers that
it's the Iraq war in particular that he opposes, loudly voicing his support
for the American campaign in Afghanistan and tough talk against Iran. But
more than anything, recent material on Latin America indicates Stewart's
position within the ideological parameters of Empire.

Iran's Oil Exchange threatens the Greenback
Mike Whitney, OpEd News

The Bush administration will never allow the Iranian government to open an
oil exchange (bourse) that trades petroleum in euros. If that were to
happen, hundreds of billions of dollars would come flooding back to the
United States crushing the greenback and destroying the economy. This is why
Bush and Co. are planning to lead the nation to war against Iran. It is
straightforward defense of the current global system and the continuing
dominance of the reserve currency, the dollar.

Reproductive Regression
Carole Joffe, TomPaine.com

The latest front in the abortion war is the pharmacy. There are increasing
incidents of anti-abortion pharmacists who are refusing to dispense both EC
and regular birth control pills. Even in liberal California, where recently
70 percent of the population supports legal abortion, these pharmacist
refusals are taking place. And Wal-Mart pharmacies-often the only pharmacy
in rural areas-have long refused to fill prescriptions for EC.

The Slave Side of Sunday
Dave Zirin, The Nation

For most sports fans, heaven would be to play in the National Football
League. We see money, fame and no expectations of social responsibility
beyond showing up on Sunday ready to play. In the mind of the fantasy sports
fan, it means a big house, a garage full of cars and the promise of sexual
gratification. The last thing any fan would believe--or want to believe--is
that racism is endemic to the culture of the NFL.

Buffy, It Ain't
Annalee Newitz, AlterNet

I've been dying to obsess about TV again, but until recently my quest seemed
hopeless. No shows created by Joss Whedon are on the air, and popular new
science fiction series Battlestar Galactica makes me feel crawly and abused
rather than fanish. I'd been reduced to late nights with my vaporizer and
replays of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century on the SciFi Channel. I'd hit
rock bottom. Then I started hearing about this show called Veronica Mars,
whose kick-ass teenage heroine sounded like Buffy, only without the whining.


Editing Chavez to manufacture a slur: Some media outlets spread spurious
charges of anti-Semitism

150 media deaths makes 2005 record year

Iraqi Journalist Ali Fadhil Describes Arrest by U.S. Forces: "They Used
Explosives and Shot Inside My Home"

Google censors its results in China

NSA Expert Jim Bamford on Domestic Wiretapping: The Bush Administration Has
"Decided Simply to Violate the Law"

Bush Administration Seeks to Squelch State of the Union Protest at Capitol
on January 31

Who is messing with your head?

Tough Love Bullshit & Boot Camps: Teen rehab industry has scarred thousands
of kids for life

Undercover intelligence officers follow the Other Campaign

'Rogue State' author ponders life after the big Osama blurb

Military professor argues for talks with bin Laden

Army stretched to the breaking point

Pentagon calls for bolstering U.S. military with thousands more elite
terrorists skilled in slaughtering civilians who have the audacity to defend

Number of insurgent attacks in Iraq increased 29% in 2005

Hunger strikers close to death

Sympathy for Al-Qaida surges in Pakistan

Baghdad's big oil bust: It's open season on pipelines and refineries

Iran sanctions could drive oil over $100

Indian rebels blow up oil pipeline

Antiwar activist gets six months in prison for protesting at military
recruiting center

US Army soldier gets zero days in prison for torture and murder

German kidnapped by CIA terror thugs feared for his life

Mohawk Warriors Jailed for Defending Their Community

Ancient Africa Tribe Battling Eviction

Government blocks Katrina probe

Diebold in Florida: "I Saw It Hacked"

Olympic flame hijacked by anti-capitalist protesters

EPA to accept pesticide tests on humans

Pesticide Tests May Use Pregnant Women, Kids

Water resources: The next crisis

2005 was warmest year on record, unusually hot in the arctic

Eastern Europe freezes in killer cold

Great Russian freeze spreads west

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