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"If you hamper the war effort of one side, you automatically help out that
of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as
the present one. In practice, 'he that is not with me is against me.' " -
George Orwell

"Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." - George Bush

Beating Around the Bush By the Bourse
by Ingmar Lee

Only bimbos believed Bush when he said it was WMD's that made him attack,
invade, occupy and massacre Iraq. Most of us thought it was to steal Iraq's
oil, but we were only partly right. What totally terrorized the tyrannical
Texan tycoon was when Saddam played the oil bourse card in November, 2000.
When Saddam started selling Iraqi oil in euro's, he jeopardized greenback
hegemony as the world's supreme foreign exchange transaction currency. If
this brilliant idea catches on, it will trigger the total collapse of the
USA economy. The oil grab is a sideshow. The main feature is the oil bourse.

The Nuclear "Threat" At the End of the Age of Petroleum
by Zbignew Zingh

Like Strangelovian-Pavlovian dogs trained to attack at the ringing of that
bell, America's citizens are whipped into a bellicose, salivating,
"preemptive" war frenzy whenever its media and leaders choose. Never mind
that Iraq really had no nuclear or chemical or biological weapons. Now there
is Iran, and if Iraq was liquidated on the mere suspicion of thinking about
the possibility of going nuclear, America's president cannot resist another
war strike against an easily demonized "enemy", this time against a land of
tawny-skinned, bearded non-Christian Persians who bluntly state that they
distrust America and its allies, that they intend to develop nuclear power
generation, and whose president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, will not even wear a
western style neck-tie!

Why I Now Genuflect to Charles Krauthammer
by Jason Miller

Having duly informed the foreigners (with whom we so generously share the
air we breathe) that they represent mere ants in the afterbirth of our great
nation, I decided it was time to remind them to feel appreciative that
America allows them to continue in their miserable existence. I wanted to
write something that would bring them to the realization that when they
arise each morning, it isn't their chosen deity they need to thank for
making it to another day; it is the United States.

by Richard Oxman

Bush will NOT step down as a result of their efforts. And even if I'm wrong,
he'll be replaced by someone else who serves the interests of those who are
the real (ongoing) enemies of the protesters. Obviously. Or as the kids are
wont to say these days: "Duh."

Other articles of interest

FBI, DoD, NSA: All Spying on You
Joel Bleifuss, In These Times

Quietly, the war on terror, in which everything is permitted, has laid the
ground work for the Bush administration to intrude into the political life
of citizens. Over the last several months, it has been revealed that the
FBI, the Pentagon and the National Security Agency have each set up
apparently independent covert operations to monitor the constitutionally
protected political activities of citizens opposed to the Bush
administration's war in Iraq.

Big Brother is Watching You
Nicole Colson, Socialist Worker

Secret surveillance, labeling peaceful protesters "threats" to national
security, detaining immigrants for weeks and sometimes months -- in the name
of protecting freedom and democracy. It may sound like something out of a
novel by Franz Kafka, but it's the reality of the Bush administration's war
on our rights.

Who Will Tell the People?
Sheila Samples, Press Action

George Orwell wrote that people who neither read nor ask questions will
ultimately lose all desire to question "Big Brother." What is so frightening
as we descend into the new world order fascism is not that we no longer
read-it's that we no longer can read. Researchers estimate as many as 30
million Americans-many of them college graduates-cannot read. They're unable
to comprehend news stories or even instructions. They said they were
"stunned," but could offer no explanation for the steep drop in literacy. I
don't know what's more depressing-that Americans can't read or, after
studying the phenomenon, researchers lack the critical skills to discern

Refute the Policies of Bush and Clinton -- Declare War on the
Nationalist-Globalist Class
John Stanton, Dissident Voice

The Nationalist-Globalist Class (NGC) runs the show and consists of
corporations/media, foreign interests/agents, nonprofits and the like. The
NGC's enforcement arms are the three branches of American government,
housing the two party system, its agencies/departments and, of course, the
US military. They are insulated/protected from the daily grind of American
life and, at the first hint of attack/natural disaster, are whisked away to
the safety of their bunkers. Vital to the NGC are its American Disciples --
those millions upon millions of Americans who believe the myth and
propaganda generated by their corporate and religious masters.

Why don't we know what is going on in Israel & Palestine?
If Americans Knew, ifamericansknew.org

Recent studies of U.S. media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
reveal that the media reported Israeli children's deaths at rates 7 to 40
times greater than Palestinian children's deaths. Some typical examples: In
2004, when 8 Israeli children were killed and 179 Palestinian children were
killed, NBC reported on 100% of Israeli children's deaths and on 10% of
Palestinian children's deaths, ABC on 100% and 11%. The New York Times
reported on 50% of Israeli children's deaths and 7% of Palestinian 

Hamas Election Victory: A Vote for Clarity
Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada

Hamas' victory in the Palestinian Authority legislative elections has
everyone asking "what next"? The answer, and whether the result should be
seen as a good or bad thing, depends very much on who is asking the

Real international terrorism: How and why the West supports terrorism
Roy Naganathan, Online Journal

Western society is indoctrinated into believing, with religious conviction,
that terrorism is an act only non-Western countries, such as Syria or Iran,
ostensibly commit. The mainstream media and the governments of the West
vehemently insist that miscreants attack our society because they hate
"freedom" and "democracy." However there is convincing evidence that proves
"terrorist groups" commit acts of violence out of desperation and
retaliation. The subversive groups lash out at institutions they feel have
oppressed and marginalized them. The majority of the Western public is
oblivious to the fact their own countries support state terrorism and the
"terrorists" of the world are the oppressed fighting for self-determination.

Saint Patrick's Four
Dahr Jamail, Iraq Dispatches

The criminalization of dissent in our country is now obvious to anyone
paying attention - Clare and Teresa will spend six months in a federal
prison for a non-violent symbolic action to protest an illegal war;
meanwhile someone guilty of manslaughter will spend less time behind bars,
and not in a federal prison.

A New World Is Possible
Cindy Sheehan, Truthout

Our world is so beautiful, and the people who inhabit it are, for the most,
part loving - and all they want is a good life for themselves and their
children. They just want to feel safe and secure in their communities. They
want to be warm and fed. They want clean drinking water and they want to
dance and laugh when appropriate. They want to live long lives with their
families and they want their children to bury them at the end of their time
here. In short, the people of the world want what we Americans want.

The Killing Fields: Ghosts of the Walking Dead
Manuel Valenzuela, Velenzuela's Veritas

Depleted uranium is a silent mass murderer, a clandestine nuclear bomb whose
mushroom cloud is never seen exploding, yet the radiation and heavy metals
excreted from the weapons it envelopes when they strike their target, the
heat evaporating uranium particulates into the air, become airborne
contagions that latch onto our carbon and organic bodies. It attacks our
organs and our bones, our nerves and blood, mutating our DNA genetic
sequence, destroying our immune systems, penetrating our reproductive
systems and causing various terminal cancers. It is the ultimate weapon of
genocidal intentions, a perfect weapon if one wishes to slowly make putrid
the human body, embedding itself into our DNA, guaranteeing that it passes
onto the next generation of human being, usually resulting in macabre and
grisly consequences.

Eliminating Private Cars is the First Step in New Democracy and Sustainable
Economic Systems
Jase Martinique, Revolutionary Green

Rebelling Against The Car: Lots of people hate cars, its just that you don't
hear much about it because there is little overlap between people who hate
cars and people who own newspapers and TV companies. Campaigning against the
car, its spatial domination, its destruction has a peculiar advantage over
recent campaigns of direct action. Unlike warehouses, politicians and
nuclear rockets, motor cars and their conduits are not hard to find. The
thing that is so infuriating about them is also what makes them so
vulnerable: They are everywhere!

Nonprofit head Peter Bauer thinks it's the end of the world, and he feels
Laura Parisi, Willamette Week

Bauer's a big fan of award-winning and often-disputed 1991 novel Ishmael
that has garnered a cult following (evident on Internet forums like
ishcon.org and friendsofishmael.com). The book's author, Daniel Quinn,
argues farming and overcultivation are at the root of overpopulation
problems: Either we change the way we operate or we can expect a rapid,
catastrophic decline in the next 100 years. Bauer appears to be fine with
this, nonchalantly talking about the forecasted downfall the way a
Portlander talks about the winter rain.

Say You Survive Die-Off: Then What?
Jenna Orkin, Culture Change

Those who survive, whether or not it's because they're the fittest, will
have learned their lesson: Live In Harmony With Mother Nature Or Else.

How Hot Does It Have To Get
Lucinda Marshall, Counter Currents

It is the life force that our earth has always had, which for a few brief
years in the history of the universe, we delusionally thought we had the
power to overcome. But the truth that we are faced with now is that it was
never ours to control, and our biosphere, our planet, our world has once
again taken the reigns in what is to be. Climate change has accelerated to
the unstoppable point of no return. The snowball is now an avalanche.

When Harry Met Larry
Liz Langley, AlterNet

It's a cliche that men are loony for lesbians. So why is it taboo for women,
like me, to swoon at the sight of two guys having sex?


Unprecedented acceleration in suburban sprawl prompting concerns about
environment, traffic, health and damage to rural communities

'Suicide Seeds' Could Spell Death of Peasant Agriculture, UN Meeting Told

Irreparable Change: Some Experts on Global Warming Foresee 'Tipping Point'
When It Is Too Late to Act

Earth could warm up fast

Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him

Chilling dissent: FBI collecting 'research' reports on 'direct action'
environmental groups produced by right wing think tanks

Plan to build gas pipeline through Amazon catches environmentalists off

Iran crisis 'could drive oil over $90'

Iran: "We'll shut down the straits of Hormuz

Ready for $262/barrel oil?

World's four biggest oil fields in decline

Energy gap: crisis for humanity?

Economy grows at slowest pace in three years

Katrina death toll rockets to 1417, over 3200 still missing

Phoenix breaks record: 102 days without a drop of rain

New EPA Rule Turns People Into Lab Rats

A Press Pullout In Iraq?

Pentagon plans to 'fight the net' revealed

Americans exposed to US propaganda aimed at foreigners

Ward Churchill one year later

Pentagon singles out schools as security threats

Gonzales at Georgetown University: Intellectually outclassed by a dead man
and a sheet

ID cards 'will track where people go'

UK: Police stop and search 100 people a day under new anti-terror laws

Are concentration camps coming to the US?

US Army kidnapped wives and held them hostage

Vietnam Vet, Civil Resister Thrown in Jail for Advocating Peace

U.S. invasion responsible for over 250,000 civilian dead in Iraq

The Unseen War in Iraq: When troops are cut, we'll still be bombing the hell
out of the place

US may use Guantanamo concentration camp for military executions

Aspiring Nazis: Racist Attacks by Rabbis

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