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Articles of interest

When Big Brother Gets Under Your Skin
Maureen Farrell, Buzzflash

On Feb. 12, the Financial Times reported on CityWatcher.com, a 
Cincinnati-based company implanted RFID (Radio Frequency ID) silicon chips 
into two of its employees. The company defended the practice, assuring that 
the procedure was not meant to track employees or infringe on their rights, 
but anti-RFID activists took exception. "It worries us that a government 
contractor that specializes in surveillance projects would be the first to 
publicly incorporate this technology in the workplace," Liz McIntyre said in 
a press release, triggering "irate e-mails" to CityWatcher.com's Web site.

One Nation Under Psy-Ops
Patricia Goldsmith, OpEd News

I can even see a beneficial side-effect of losing the vote: when you don't 
have to worry about winning, because you know the game is rigged, you might 
actually start to think about what your true political ideals are. You might 
find that the majority of people agree on most things, including agreement 
on what's most important at this time, namely, our global climate crisis. I 
realize, now, that even when our votes were counted fairly, our choices were 
manipulated into a range of choices so narrow as to constitute an a priori 
defeat, and that's one of the reasons we are where we are today. We have to 
dig deeper.

In the Shadow of the Minutemen
Zach Morris, ARA via Infoshop News

Their founders and spokesmen have appeared on CNN's Lou Dobbs, Fox News' 
Hannity & Colmes and chapters have popped up from Bisbee, Arizona to Fort 
Lee, New Jersey, but what few know about the anti-immigrant, vigilante 
Minuteman Project is their connection to violent white power groups.

U.S. Racism and Fear: Nothing New
Mickey Z, Press Action

The recent uproar over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai Ports World 
demonstrates not only a woeful lack of understanding on how U.S. ports work; 
it also exposes anti-Arab racism across the spectrum. Even if one accepts 
the presupposition that Islamic terrorists represent the most serious threat 
to world peace, it remains racist to assume guilt based on ethnicity. 
Racist...but nothing new.

Defeat is victory. Death is life
Robert Fisk, The Independent

Everyone in the Middle East rewrites history, but never before have we had a 
US administration so wilfully, dishonestly and ruthlessly reinterpreting 
tragedy as success, defeat as victory, death as life - helped, I have to 
add, by the compliant American press. I'm reminded not so much of Vietnam as 
of the British and French commanders of the First World War who repeatedly 
lied about military victory over the Kaiser as they pushed hundreds of 
thousands of their men through the butchers' shops of the Somme, Verdun and 
Gallipoli. The only difference now is that we are pushing hundreds of 
thousands of Arabs though the butchers' shops - and don't even care.

Human Rights Hypocrisy
Marjorie Cohn, Truthout

Bolton stated last month, "Membership on the Commission by some of the 
world's most notorious human rights abusers mocks the legitimacy of the 
Commission and the United Nations itself." But Bolton was not referring to 
the United States, which invaded Iraq in violation of the UN Charter, killed 
thousands of innocent Iraqis, and tortured and abused prisoners in Iraq, 
Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay.

Loot the Rich: Economic Civil Disobedience
John Asimakopoulos, Infoshop News

[W]e need a new form of violent direct economic civil disobedience capable 
of exacting significant financial blows to Capitalism. Direct action must be 
at an increased level of actual and threatened use of violence to increase 
the effectiveness of achieving working class goals. However, most mainstream 
academics, activists, and labor leaders oppose militant direct action that 
would seriously hurt, cripple, or even bankrupt corporations. It is as if 
labor has become a parasitic organism that can only live off of 

The Pentagon Archipelago
Chris Floyd, Empire Burlesque

When I read the passage below from Moazzam Begg's account of his years in 
Bush's Terror War prisons, I had a strange feeling of dislocation: it was as 
if 30 years had suddenly fallen away and I was back in high school, reading 
Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago in stunned disbelief at the hideous cruelty 
inflicted on the prisoners -- deliberately, as a carefully calculated 
instrument of state policy. And all of it done in the name of national 
security, of course, to protect the nation against "terrorists" and 

Miscreants, Murderers, and Malefactors: Imperial Conquest, Torture, and a 
Little Matter of Genocide
Jason Miller, Thomas Paine's Corner

Funneling outrageous percentages of our precious resources into the coffers 
of the bloated and malevolent military industrial complex, they carried out 
murderous agendas through direct military intervention, covert CIA 
operations, and proxies like the Shah of Iran. Sadly, under the last 7-8 
presidencies, Democrat and Republican alike, the United States government 
has evolved into the most powerful terrorist organization on the planet.

We Are All Killers Until We Stop Flying
George Monbiot, monbiot.com

At last the battlelines have been drawn, and the first major fight over 
climate change is about to begin. All over the country, a coalition of 
homeowners and anarchists, NIMBYs and internationalists is mustering to 
fight the greatest future cause of global warming: the growth of aviation


Rise of the Machines: Surveillance software gets smart

How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track your Every Move with 
Radio Frequency Identification

Big Brother is reading your blog

Rodney Coronado Indicted for Making Speech

10-Year U.S. Strategic Plan For Detention Camps Revives Proposals From 
Oliver North

Concentration camps in America: Are they for you?

American gulag: Torture, force-feeding and darkness at noon -- this is 

The CIA's "black sites"

Former CIA Analyst: Western Intelligence May Be Behind Mosque Bombing

Troops reject Bush: Nearly Three-Quarters of US Troops in Iraq Say End the 
Occupation Within a Year

Israel planning 'apartheid' roads

Palestinians face financial collapse

Marines, students rebel against Philippines' Arroyo

Private Rivers: Will Transnational Water Companies Swallow El Salvador's 
Water Supply?

Across the world, they are coming: the water wars

Climate scientists issue dire warning: Earth's temperature could rise to 
levels far higher than previously predicted

Acid seas kill off coral reefs

Global poultry industry is root of bird flu crisis

Infection Is Growing in Scope, Resistance: Virulent staph germ once largely 
confined to hospitals is emerging in jails, gyms and schools

EPA sued over pesticide human testing rule

Opposition to drilling elevated to an art form

Oil expert: Output downhill from here

Losing ground: From 2001 to 2004, median income fell 8 percent for 
householders under 35

American Families Pile Up Debt From 2001 to 2004

Lies, Damn Lies and Poverty Statistics: How an archaic measurement keeps 
millions of poor Americans from being counted

Incomes Fall, Hunger Worsens as Bush Says 'We're Doing Fine'

Screwing the Poor: Poor Pay Biggest Share of State, Local Taxes

Ominous warnings and dire predictions of world's financial experts

Suicide bomb film set to shake Oscars

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