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"They tell us that we live in a great free republic; that our institutions 
are democratic; that we are a free and self-governing people. That is too 
much, even for a joke. ... Wars throughout history have been waged for 
conquest and plunder... And that is war in a nutshell. The master class has 
always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the 
battles." -- Eugene Victor Debs

To the Victors Belongs Impunity: Of Incorrigible Transgressors, Tacit 
Complicity, and Lady Justice's Conspicuous Absence
By Jason Miller

Baghdad's kangaroo court has issued a verdict that virtually guarantees that 
Saddam Hussein will launch his journey into the hereafter from the platform 
of a gallows. Convicted of "revenge killings of 148 people, deportation of 
400, and razing of orchards,"1, and still facing a charge of genocide that 
resulted in the deaths of 180,000 Kurds, Hussein is undoubtedly a malevolent 
individual. Yet to ensure public furor against Hussein (and to distract the 
hoi polloi from focusing upon those guilty of similar crimes), the corporate 
media have conveniently jettisoned several important aspects of history down 
the Memory Hole.

The Perishing Republic
By Ron Jacobs

Massive mobilizations of weaponry and bloody force have been used by the 
forces of US capital in an attempt to dominate the world and its people. 
Supplemented by trade agreements that are primarily beneficial to the 
financial capitals of New York and London, the capital of the world's 
richest cartels of finance and industry flows like water without regard to 
borders to wherever the lowest wages can be found. This race to the bottom 
precipitates corresponding wage decreases in the powerful nations of the 
north and massive migrations of people from the south towards the northern 
jobs that offer better pay than those in the migrants' home countries. The 
answer to this migration is racism and xenophobia from northern workers that 
feel threatened. Of course, these twin phenomenon are encouraged by most 
elements in the north's ruling elites since it takes the heat off of their 
policy of free trade.

Other articles of interest

The Inconvenient Death of Brad Will: Mexican police gun down a 
counterculture hero
Sarah Ferguson, Village Voice

Over the course of his restless 36 years, he seemed to hit every activist 
node: squatting in the East Village, staging tree-sits in the Northwest with 
Earth First, and hopping freight trains to anarchist gatherings. He braved 
tear gas and rubber bullets during the anti-globalization battles in 
Seattle, Quebec, Prague, and Genoa (where a demonstrator was shot dead in 
the street by police). In 2004, I remember him being everywhere during 
street protests surrounding the Republican National Convention in New York, 
video camera in hand. He reveled in these clashes, always returning with 
tales of glory, folk songs about resisting the police, and reports of the 
free food and fun he'd had along the way. When the heady Seattle-style 
direct-action movement in the U.S. toned down following 9-11, Will took his 
video camera south, following the wave of popular uprisings in Bolivia, 
Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and finally Mexico. Friends say he was 
consumed with overlooked social struggles around the world. "He was one of 
the most dedicated activists I ever worked with," says Brooke Lehman, one of 
the owners of the radical Bluestockings bookstore on the Lower East Side, 
who met Will in 1998. "You could pretty much guarantee if there was a cause 
or an action, Will would be there. He felt a tremendous responsibility to do 
media where other media outlets wouldn't go, or were afraid to go."

Corporate Propaganda Still On the News: Study Finds Local Stations 
Overwhelmingly Fail to Disclose VNRs
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Corporate propaganda on the six o'clock news --- A new study by the Center 
for Media and Democracy says Americans are still being shown public 
relations videos disguised as news reports on newscasts across the country. 
The fake reports are called Video News Releases, or VNRs. They're produced 
by marketing firms hired to promote products or political messages. If this 
story sounds familiar, it's because dozens of stations have already been 
caught in the act.

Get lost...
Kathy Kelly, Electronic Iraq

If we earnestly ask why people who undertake terrorist acts against the U.S. 
and its allies would be so angry, we find claims not so different from the 
ones that fueled the U.S. Revolutionary War: people don't like to live under 
occupation; they don't want to turn over their resources to a far away 
country; they don't want foreign bases on their soil--and they don't want to 
carry their children, starved and diseased, to burial grounds.

Worshipping the State: Why They Die
Michael Gaddy, LewRockwell.com

Simple facts most soldiers do not understand: The government (state) is not 
our country; when you fight and die in undeclared wars, you do so for the 
State and not for our country or our freedoms; when you forsake the 
Constitution you swore to uphold and defend to follow unconstitutional 
orders, even from your commander-in-chief, you cross the line from defender 
of your country to the very real possibility of becoming a war criminal.

A disservice to the world: Oil-industry consultant CERA denies peak oil
Jan Lundberg, Culture Change

The role of petroleum in warming the globe is of course not part of CERA's 
concerns, as if life itself is an ancillary aspect of existence. Big 
business's blinders involve the specialization of disciplines, such as 
petrochemistry and mega projects of engineering, to keep the world 
industrial economy humming, while CERA forgoes the systems-approach of 
considering the environment and physical limits of resources.

Stunning Revelations: The untold story of Taser-related deaths
Silja J.A. Talvi, In These Times

Ryan is one of nearly 200 people who have died in the last five years after 
being shot by a Taser stun gun. In June, the U.S. Department of Justice 
announced that it would review these deaths.

This is What Recuperation Looks Like: the Rebellion in Oaxaca and the APPO
Kellen Kass, Infoshop News

The uprising in Oaxaca has been inspiring because of people's willingness to 
take their lives into their own hands and direct their own activity. This is 
the greatest potential of the rebellion: its ability to break with the 
normality of being controlled and directed by others and then spread 
further, eventually leading to revolutionary social transformation. People 
are beginning to rediscover the ability to meet face-to-face in occupied 
zones--the Zócalo, the university, the neighborhoods and streets--in order 
to discuss matters of real importance. Direct actions such as strikes, 
occupations, blockades and sabotage are being employed by all of those 
involved. Women are asserting themselves even more, planning actions, taking 
over television stations, organizing blockades, and participating in street 
fighting against the police. The cessation of "business as usual" and the 
casting off of subservience has opened up many possibilities and has led to 
massive resistance to the Mexican state. This growing self-organization must 
remain truly autonomous if it is not to be slowly ground down by piecemeal 
reforms and other political tricks. Therefore the APPO and its alternative 
management plan must be rejected.


Still Not the News: Stations Overwhelmingly Fail to Disclose VNRs

Weird News of the Day: Propagandist Judith Miller worried about blogger 

GPS Surveillance Creeps into Daily Life

Congress passes law that classifies civil disobedience as terrorism

Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R): American Concentration Camps "On The 
Books" - urges repeal of neo-fascist laws

Immigrants may be held indefinitely

CIA acknowledges existence of presidential order authorizing it to detain, 
interrogate terror suspects overseas

War Crimes Suit Filed against Former Defense Secretary

Oaxaca's APPO Forms Permanent Government, Announces Escalation of Resistance

Global warming threatens 'large-scale' bird extinctions

Foundations for GM crops in West Africa are being built - a battle looms 

Hollywood is a major polluter, contributor to poor air quality in LA

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