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May I Quote You, Mr. President?
A selection of 50 quotes from President George W. Bush, for entertainment or 

Thanks for the False Memories
Help choose the winners of this year's Falsies Awards

Is Honoring Mumia a Crime? -- Philadelphia files criminal charges against 
French cities supporting black death-row prisoner
by Hans Bennett

Is it a crime to publicly honor black death-row prisoner and journalist 
Mumia Abu-Jamal (convicted of killing white Philadelphia police officer 
Daniel Faulkner in a 1982 trial that Amnesty International has declared a 
"violation of minimum international standards that govern fair trial 
procedures and the use of the death penalty")? Future Philadelphia mayoral 
candidate Peter J. Wirs thinks so.

Other articles of interest

Al-Jazeera and the Truth
Charley Reese, Antiwar.com

Since American politicians have involved us so deeply in the Middle East, 
the American public is entitled to see the truth of what's going on over 
there. The public can't get that from American television, which sanitizes 
its reports. Al-Jazeera shows you the grim reality. When the Israelis kill 
children, they show you the bodies and the weeping mothers. They show you 
all the ugly truth about Israeli and American policies and actions in the 
Middle East. They show you what war looks like.

Naked Imperialism: An Interview with John Bellamy Foster
MR Zine

As I argue at length in Naked Imperialism, to suggest that a cabal is 
somehow behind the sorrows of empire and that we have only to kick them out 
of office to solve the problem is to ignore all the lessons of history. The 
present empire strategy has been in the works for a long time -- since the 
fall of the Soviet Union at the outset of the '90s, or even further back --  
since the resurgence of stagnation and the first major signs of declining 
U.S. hegemony in the early and mid-'70s.  The war in Yugoslavia took place 
under Clinton, who also bombed Iraq on a daily basis, and initiated U.S. 
military bases in Central Asia.  The Democrats mostly supported the wars in 
Afghanistan and Iraq and their criticisms of the Iraq war have been more of 
a tactical rather than a strategic nature.

Criminalizing Compassion in the War on Terror
Muslim Charities and the Case of Dr. Rafil A. Dhafir
Katherine Hughes, Selves and Others

In a report titled, "Muslim Charities and the War on Terror," OMB Watch, 
documented its concerns about the treatment of Muslim charities and the 
people involved with the charities. [16] Among the many concerns OMB voiced 
are use of questionable evidence to shut down the largest U.S.-based 
charities that has resulted in much needed humanitarian assistance not 
reaching people who desperately need it, use of anti-terrorist financing 
policies that deny Muslim charities the right of due process and are 
unequally enforced, and holding of organizations and individuals associated 
with humanitarian work "guilty until proven innocent." They conclude that 
despite the new investigative powers the authorities have failed to produce 
evidence of terror financing by U.S.-based charities.

Fast Food Damnation: Eric Schlosser on America's food industry and his 
delicious new film
Sarah van Schagen, Grist

Amiable and intelligent, Schlosser is now touring in support of the Fast 
Food Nation film, a fictional narrative based loosely on the book and 
directed by Richard Linklater. Schlosser and Linklater collaborated 
throughout the process, from planning sessions to screenplay drafts to 
shoots with the big names (Bruce Willis, Greg Kinnear, Ethan Hawke, Avril 
Lavigne) peppering the film's cast. The result is an almost shockingly 
gruesome, but realistic, look at the fast-food industry through the eyes of 
the many characters (from cattle ranchers to company execs) playing a role 
in satisfying our appetite for a quick, cheap meal. "One of my favorite 
shots in the film is [an] aerial view of the feedlot, where it just goes on 
and on and on," Schlosser says. "I mean, that's insanity."

Fast Food Nation: Eric Schlosser On Obesity, Kids, and Fast Food PR
Jonathan Rosenblum, PR Watch

I think it's really important that these front groups not be treated like 
they're legitimate organizations. Even the name "Center for Consumer 
 Freedom" is deceptive, because it implies it's a consumer group. It's not. 
It's run out of a lobbying firm in Washington D.C. I think there need to be 
tougher rules in how front groups can present themselves. There needs to be 
much more transparency. I think there has to be a requirement that they 
reveal their funding sources. I think the media has to be more energetic in 
not just accepting at face value who these people say they are.

Hollow Visions of Palestine's Future: Peace Will Need More than David 
Grossman -- or Uri Avnery
Jonathan Cook, Dissident Voice

Grossman draws from the same ideological wellspring as Israel's founders and 
its greatest warriors. He embodies the same anguished values of Labor 
Zionism that won Israel international legitimacy just as it was carrying out 
one of history's great acts of ethnic cleansing: the expulsion of some 
750,000 Palestinians, or 80 percent the native population, from the borders 
of the newly established Jewish state.

Women, Political Parties, Barricades and Autonomy: Who Will Live On in the 
Oaxaca Uprising?
Barucha Calamity Peller, CounterPunch

Although Governor Ulises Ruiz still holds office, and federal police forces 
occupy the Zocalo of Oaxaca City, the people of Oaxaca have removed the 
government in practice. The Mexican federal government calls this practice 
"ungovernability", but this state of "ungovernability"-in which politicians 
are not recognized, streets are barricaded in rebellion, and mass media 
outlets are taken over-is the most natural answer to the repression that has 
threatened the survival of Oaxacans for decades. "Ungovernability", is not 
chaos nor is it a break-down of civilized social order, it is the sanest and 
healthiest solution for the people of Oaxaca, because as long as they are 
not governed they are not repressed. Being ungoverned by others means being 
ungoverned by and neo liberal misery, Oaxacans have began to create a space 
where they direct and govern their own lives. The government, while having 
the opportunity has failed to make any acceptable political concessions to 
the Oaxacan movement, and has therefore even further demonstrated the 
realization that is dawning on many parts of the Mexican landscape-that the 
ideas, desires, and actions of people will never be governable.

Enemy to 9/10ths of Humanity Dies
Steven Gowans, What's Left

Friedman's neoliberalism - the idea that enterprises and markets must be 
free, and if they're not, governments must intervene to make them so -- has 
two bookends. The first is Chile, following the other 9/11 - September 11, 
1973. That was the date Augusto Pinochet, backed by US companies, the CIA 
and Henry Kissinger, overthrew the leftist government of Salvador Allende.


Jailed Freelance Journalist Loses Request for Rehearing

AP Gets Shocking New Report on Gitmo: "These were not hearings. These were 

This Is Why The Iraqis Hate Us: Another beating snuff video shames coalition 
of the killing, YouTube censors it

Top Democrats to Voters: Enough Already, Now Shut Up! "We've Got a War to 

GI resistance grows, active and AWOL

Anti-Nuke protesters go to prison, weapons of mass destruction get 

Bush's CIA order another impeachable offense

Good News: International Terrorist Group May Be Severely Degraded Soon

UK: Army approved abuse of prisoners

US Army seized Iraqi homes

Pentagon calls up 57,000 troops for Iraq deployment

Jewish fascist wants Hamas leaders targeted and killed

Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a "New Middle East"

Falling production, politics take toll: Will Mexico be ready when oil runs 

Mexico's energy crisis has arrived: They're running out of oil, and that 
spells trouble

Radical rethink in meteorite impact timing

The biggest bubble of all - derivatives Trading Soars to $370 Trillion - it 
will be the root cause for global depression

Bank of America falsely jails a customer, refuses to apologize

European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs

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