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"If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president 
would have been hanged." - Noam Chomsky

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Henry Rollins: Freedom is under attack

The End of Suburbia - Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream
(52 minute video version of documentary)

James Howard Kunstler calls the project of suburbia "the greatest
misallocation of resources in the history of the world" and says America has
squandered its wealth and "invested it in a living arrangement that has no

Bush's Martial Law Act of 2007
By Kurt Nimmo

Frank Morales, an Episcopal priest and activist in New York City, writes
that the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 actually encourages
the establishment of martial law "by revising the Insurrection Act, a set of
laws that limits the President's ability to deploy troops within the United
States. The Insurrection Act (10 U.S.C.331 -335) has historically, along
with the Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C.1385), helped to enforce strict
prohibitions on military involvement in domestic law enforcement. With one
cloaked swipe of his pen, Bush is seeking to undo those prohibitions."

Godzilla vs. The Condoleezzard
(Celebrating Halloween in the United States of Anxiety)
By Mickey Z.

Forget Freddie of Elm St., I give you Henry the Horrible (Kissinger, that
is): "Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards
the Third World, because the U.S. economy will require large and increasing
amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries."
Never mind Jason and his hockey mask when Ann Coulter is playing right wing:
"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to
Christianity." No need to worry about a fire-breathing reptile like Godzilla
when a Condoleezard is loose in DC: "There is nothing wrong with doing
something that benefits all humanity, but that is, in a sense, a
second-order effect."

Other articles of interest

Brad Will, New York Documentary Filmmaker and Indymedia Reporter,
Assassinated by State Thugs
Al Giordano, Narco News Bulletin

Brad Will, 36, a documentary filmmaker and reporter for Indymedia in New
York, Bolivia and Brazil, died today of a gunshot to the chest when
pro-government attackers opened fire on a barricade in the neighborhood of
Santa Lucia El Camino, on the outskirts of Oaxaca, Mexico. He died with his
video camera in his hands. Brad went to Oaxaca in early October to document
the story that Commercial Media simulators like Rebecca Romero of Associated
Press distort instead of report: the story of a people sick and tired of
repression and injustice, who take back the government that rightfully is
theirs. In that context, his assassination is also a consequence of what
happens when independent media must do the work that Big Media fails to do:
to tell the truth.

Q&A with Noam Chomsky
Saad Sayeed, Excalibur (York University)

I have been writing on terrorism for 25 years, ever since the Reagan
administration came in 1981 and declared that the leading focus of its
foreign policy was going to be a war on terror. A war against state directed
terrorism which they called the plague of the modern world because of their
barbarism and so on. That was the centre of their foreign policy and ever
since I have been writing about terrorism. But what I write causes extreme
anger for the very simple reason that I use the U.S. government's official
definition of terrorism from the official U.S. code of laws. If you use that
definition, it follows very quickly that the U.S. is the leading terrorist
state and a major sponsor of terrorism and since that conclusion is
unacceptable, it arouses furious anger. But the problem lies in the
unwillingness to recognize that your own terrorism is terrorism.

A Jewish Hitler? The rise of Avigdor Lieberman
Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com

I have covered the growing influence of Israeli extremism for years, and
worried over the rise of what seems, at first, a hopeless oxymoron: Jewish
fascism. That an ideology that has proved so harmful - indeed, near fatal -
to the Jewish people should gain a foothold in the Jewish state seems too
bizarre even for a post-9/11 reality that increasingly resembles Bizarro
World. Yet here we are, confronted with the specter of Avigdor Lieberman,
the would-be Hitler, currently the second most popular politician in the
running for prime minister, right behind Benjamin Netanyahu.

New York Times calls for more troops in Iraq
Joe Kay and Barry Grey, WSWS

The Times' proposals track in general terms those currently being floated by
prominent Democrats, foreign policy experts, and sections of the Republican
Party, including former Secretary of State James Baker and others involved
in the bipartisan Iraq Study Group. What all of these proposals have in
common is the demand for a massive escalation of violence to crush the
anti-American resistance, and particularly the Mahdi Army militia of Moqtada
al-Sadr and its stronghold in the impoverished Shia neighborhood of Sadr
City in Baghdad.

Space War
Frida Berrigan, TomPaine.com

The 10-page document lays out a policy focused on establishing, defending
and enlarging U.S. control over space resources, arguing for "unhindered"
U.S. rights in space that is actively hostile to the concept of collective
security enshrined in the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. The opening asserts
that "freedom of action in space is as important to the United States as air
power and sea power." Alongside earlier documents like the U.S. Space
Command's Vision for 2020 -which articulated a vision of "full spectrum
dominance: and insisted that "space superiority is emerging as an essential
element of battlefield success and future warfare"-this new policy can been
interpreted as an opening shot in the race to militarize space.

Collaborators of Catastrophe: Inside the Ministry of Truth
Manuel Valenzuela, Valenzuela's Veritas

The creators of American reality, those propagators of charades and mirages
who dwell inside the hallways of the Ministry of Truth - otherwise known as
the Corporate Media - continue their dance of deception and whitewash,
festering in their offices of propaganda, directing the narratives and the
epics hundreds of millions of Americans consider truth. Much like the
disappearance of warmth giving way to the crispness of cold arrives with
each annual changing of leaves, so the remarketing of American reality is
altered by the changing faces of circumstance. Today, this change is the
complete disaster that is the occupation of Iraq, an endeavor whose initial
fruition could not have taken shape without the blitzkrieg marketed
incessantly into every home and mind in America by the Department of
Propaganda, the Ministry of Truth and its army of pseudo-journalists.

The hypocrisy of the USA
Paul J. Balles, Redress

Americans refuse to end the reign of the National Rifle Association's (NRA)
gun control lobby. The lobby has insisted for 125 years that the 2nd
Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the right of every American to
own a gun. Buy the hype in that position and then listen to the same NRA
Americans and supporters calling for Hezbollah to give up their weapons. The
Lebanese Hezbollah used their guns in the way that Americans never had to -
to defend against an invasion. The American position on gun control hasn't
changed. Yet they want Lebanese citizens controlled, meaning no private
ownership of guns for defence. If that's not perfidy, duplicity and deceit,
what is?

Taking Public Health Beyond Civilization
Jason Godesky, Anthropik Network

It seems likely that the end of global complexity will bring with it the end
of public health as we know it. Instead, we will likely see a return to
health based in community and a relationship with local ecology. Once again,
it will be those who remain dependent on disintegrating systems who will
bear the full burden of the diseases and violent deaths Greer mentions, but
that same contraction also opens up the space needed to create new ways of
life, tied into a specific spirit of place, with a true community.

The Bottled Water Lie
Michael Blanding, AlterNet

The corporations that sell bottled water are depleting natural resources,
jacking up prices, and lying when they tell you their water is purer and
tastes better than the stuff that comes out of the tap.

Madonna's African Safari: Trophy Baby Hunting in Malawi
Jennifer Matsui, CounterPunch

Here's the problem, Madonna. You swoop into Malawi with a yet to be signed
cheque for $3 million, hoping that by pledging the money to an orphanage,
the authorities will re-write the laws in your favor. "What laws"? you
grumble to your husband when someone points out to you that your actions
amount to kidnapping, even if a bribed official has given your crime the
government stamp of approval. Someone in your entourage points out to you
that under Malawi law, people hoping to adopt children must live in the
country for at least eighteen months. "This dump doesn't even have flush
toilets, what makes them think their laws mean shit"? you scream at him as
he peers off into the distance hopefully, while silently praying that a pack
of jackals comes along and tears you apart limb by limb, and dragging your
still squawking head into the dense foliage encircling the camp to be pawed
at and batted around by hungry hyena pups.

The Battle in Seattle (Looking Back Seven Years)
Mickey Z., OpEd News

Infighting and compromises aside, those five days in Seattle injected
American dissidents into an internationalist movement. In their book, "5
Days That Shook the World: Seattle and Beyond," Jeffrey St. Clair and
Alexander Cockburn declared that the "street warriors" who were "initially
shunned and denounced by respectable 'inside strategists,' scorned by the
press, gassed and bloodied by the cops and national guard" were able to:
shut down the opening ceremony; prevent President Bill Clinton from
addressing the WTO delegates; get the corporate press to actually mention
police brutality, and force the cancellation of closing ceremonies.

The Voting Ritual
Butler Shaffer, Lew Rockwell.com

The media priesthood has already begun the chant: if there is something
wrong with the political system, we need to go to the polls to fix the
problem. One of the media stalwarts has his own solution: "go to the polls
and vote out every incumbent." Don't dare consider, of course, that there
may be something fundamentally dysfunctional about the system itself. If
drinking a quart of Scotch each day has given you cirrhosis of the liver,
don't bother with changing your habits, just change to another brand of
Scotch! We need to remind ourselves of Albert Einstein's admonition: "we 
solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created


NYC Indymedia journalist murdered in Mexico

Media Cowards: NBC Refusing to Air Dixie Chicks Ad

UK: Ministry of Defence bans TV news access to war zones

Total Information lives again

Studies: Media Consolidation Sidelines Women and People of Color

FBI monitoring emails from peace groups

FBI lives large while others starve

Media Distortion of Palestinian Non-Violent Protest

Two parties of war and reaction: Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney champion
torture on eve of election

U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006

Slave labor at US embassy in Iraq

Iraqis Were Better Off Under Saddam, Says Former Weapons Inspector

'Stability First': Newspeak for rape of Iraq

NATO terrorists slaughter scores of Afghan civilians

German NATO troops: Sick war pictures that put Germany to shame

Mystery of Israel's secret uranium bomb

Warships deploy around S. Arabia oil facilities

Sea change: Gulf Stream weakening, Atlantic current came to halt for 10 days
in 2004

Dawn of the dead zones

Environmentalists Chain Themselves to Victoria's Secret

Niger Delta bears brunt after 50 years of oil spills

Home Price Drop Is Largest in 35 Years

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