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Delusional: 2002 U.S. Central Command's war plan for invading Iraq estimated 
that only 5,000 U.S. troops would remain by December 2006

"Desert Crossing" 1999 Assumed 400,000 Troops and Still a Mess

"If they do it, it's terrorism, if we do it, it's fighting for freedom." - 
Anthony Quainton, U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, 1984: Anthony Quainton - 
Source: Off the record response of the Ambassador to a group of concerned 
U.S. citizens when asked to explain the difference between U.S. government 
actions in Nicaragua and the violence it condemns as terrorism elsewhere in 
the world.

By Sheila Samples

The U.S. media is beneath contempt, and can never redeem itself for the 
damage it has wrought on this republic by its fawning allegiance to a band 
of crooked, war-mongering fools. By sinking to reading scrubbed-clean White 
House press releases, by relinquishing all pretences of honesty, values and 
integrity in order to ingratiate itself to the ravenous corporate beast, its 
members are little more than "enablers" who cannot remember why they became 
journalists in the first place.

Other articles of interest

Is the Deadly Crash of Our Civilization Inevitable?
Terrence McNally, AlterNet

Since 1950, industrialized fishing has reduced the total mass of large fish 
in the world's oceans by 90 percent. The atmosphere's level of carbon 
dioxide is the highest in 650,000 years. Is a deadly crash inevitable?

Hyrids, Biofuels and Other False Idols
Don Fitz, CounterPunch

Biofuels such as ethnol from corn and biodiesel from soy are often touted as 
the world's great salvation from the scarcity of oil and its polluting 
consequences. Biofuels do neither and introduce problems even worse than 

Virgin, the Dynamo, and the Prize
By Kelpie Wilson

There are two big problems with the Earth Challenge prize. First, and most 
important, it sends the wrong message to those who are just waking up to the 
true threat of climate change: it says we can solve this problem by 
inventing the right techno-fix.

Kwakiutl: "We are going to fight"
Infoshop News

"Our world is falling apart," Basil Ambers, a hereditary chief of the 
Kwakiutl First Nation, warned the crowd. "Everything we hold dear is 
gradually eroding away. We are putting you on notice that we are going to 
start fighting for those things."

The Maya Survivors vs. Los Genocidios
Elias Lawless, WireTap Magazine

The army's so-called "counterinsurgency" efforts, allegedly aimed at ridding 
the country of guerrilla combatants, claimed the lives of more than 200,000 
people while displacing more than 1.5 million others, the overwhelming 
majority of whom were indigenous Maya. Antonio Caba, an Ixil Maya activist 
who currently serves as president of the Association for Justice and 
Reconciliation (AJR), lives in the highlands of El Quiche -- the Guatemalan 
state hardest hit by the military campaign. Some 344 of the 669 massacres 
committed by the army against Maya villages occurred within El Quiche; an 
estimated 14.5 percent of all Ixil Maya were killed.

The Maya Survivors vs. Los Genocidios (Part 2)
Elias Lawless, WireTap Magazine

Rios Montt, as we have always mentioned, is a sickness for us. He is a 
disease that is very infectious for Guatemala because he has committed those 
grave errors, those tremendous crimes against the Maya peoples. And not only 
Rios Montt but also his high military command as well as Lucas Garcia 
(Guatemalan dictator from 1978-1982) and his high military command -- they 
are the ones who committed these offenses of genocide, so Rios Montt is an 
illness here in Guatemala on account of being a genocidio, a murderer, a 

Iran: Anatomy of a Lie
Or how the United States attempts to blame Iran for 170 deaths
Matt Hutaff, The Simon

It's a rare thing, witnessing propaganda so over-the-top it beggars the 
imagination. Most lies have a kernel of truth that give them an air of 
credibility, but every once in a while something comes along that shakes the 
cynicism from our jaded eyes. You laugh - and almost feel sad for the 
drunken hacks who put the story together in the first place.

Media fall for pro-Israel hate group's "Terror Free Oil"
Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada

It takes only moments to discover that TFO spokesman Joe Kaufman is founder 
of a group called "Americans Against Hate," whose main agenda appears to be 
support for the Israeli extremist right. Its main product appears to be a 
relentless stream of statements claiming that mainstream American Muslim 
organizations are terrorist fronts, and labeling anyone who dares to 
criticise Israel a "radical Islamist" or supporter of terrorism. The whole 
"Terror Free Oil Initiative" and website appear to be little more than a 
ploy to steer people towards Americans Against Hate, whose Coral Springs, 
Florida mailbox serves as the corporate address for both organizations.

WPost Disses the Dixie Chicks
Robert Parry, Consortium News

The smug Washington Post smirked its way through an article about the Dixie 
Chicks winning five Grammy Awards for the group's heroic album "Taking the 
Long Way" and the defiant song "Not Ready to Make Nice." The Post, which has 
editorially supported George W. Bush's Iraq War and joined in smear 
campaigns against war critics like Joseph Wilson, treated the Dixie Chicks 
with the usual disdain.

The Docile American
Zbignew Zingh, Dissident Voice

Everyone with an inkling of history and a modest awareness of international 
news realizes that Americans, completely contrary to the foundation myth of 
the American Revolution, are incredibly docile.

Barack Obama: Enthusiastic supporter of mass murder and terrorism
Tom Eley, WSWS

Obama is an unapologetic advocate of the use of American militarism to 
advance US geo-strategic interests around the globe. In his recent book, The 
Audacity of Hope, he puts his stamp of approval on the Bush Doctrine of 
endless illegal preemptive wars and calls for boosting US military spending 
to confront the dangers to US geo-political interests posed by Iran, Russia, 
China and North Korea. For Obama, just as much as for Bush and Cheney, the 
US military must be made ready for combat around the world.

Virginia Tribes Continue Long Fight for Sovereignty
Catherine Komp, New Standard News

The ancestors of Richardson and other Native Americans living in Virginia 
were among the first to encounter English colonizers and the disease, 
oppression and racism that followed. But despite long and documented 
histories in Virginia, not one tribe in the state is recognized as sovereign 
by the federal government. Without the federal status granted to 561 Indian 
nations across the country, Virginia tribes say that the US government 
continues to deny their existence and place in history.

V Is For Vasectomy
Ann Biddlecom and Laura Lindberg

As the temptation grows to succumb to the diamond industry's ubiquitous TV 
ads, we'd like to propose a different kind of V-Day gift-one that truly is 
"A Girl's Best Friend"-for all those men still searching for that special 
something this late in the game. Here it is: Consider getting a vasectomy.

Medical Apartheid
Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report

Black and brown children continue to be used as medical guinea pigs in the 
United States - the clearest evidence that white supremacist ideology is 
alive and well. From the gruesome experiments on Black slaves in the 
pre-Emancipation South, to the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study, to drug 
"research" in the present day, American society remains all too willing to 
treat Black minds and bodies as less than human.


WPost, NYTimes Bury Military Chief's Undermining of Iran Claims

Corporate Media Tramples Own Sourcing Rules on Iran Claim

Imprisoned Journalist Josh Wolf Speaks Out From Jail After Over 170 Days 
Behind Bars

Clueless Chris Matthews: claimed former Tennessee senator is "elitist from 
the Northeast"

We'll be watching you: Congress wants to monitor all emails, IMs, etc.

The New PSYOP Payload: Bird Flu and the Collapse of the Internet

Ore. appeals court orders shorter sentence for Jeff "Free" Luers

Is there a Bush pardon in Lewis Libby's future?

Iraq's death toll is far worse than our leaders admit

Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant

California to become separate nation?

Massive demonstrations in Haiti call for end of UN occupation

The Ghawar Oil Field: Decline of the world's largest reserve could cripple 
the global economy

Cantarell: a production crash at the world's second-largest oilfield

Fears grow as oil and gas production in North Sea decline faster than 

Oil exploration and production costs have climbed 53 percent in the past two 

Say goodbye to cheap air fare

Equador default would send shock waves around the world

Water found under Antarctic ice to raise sea level forecasts

Honeybees dropping like flies from mystery illness

Global Warming Threatens Double-Trouble for Peru: Shrinking Glaciers and a 
Water Shortage

FEMA's toxic trailers making Katrina refugees ill

Record home price slump

US, UK 'worst places for children'

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