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Continue to contaminate your bed, and you will one night suffocate in your 
own waste. -- Chief Seattle leader of the Duwanish tribe in Washington 
Territory in an 1854 letter to U.S. President Franklin Pierce to mark 
transfer of ancestral Indian lands to the United States

The Next Battle of the Social War: Nine Black Panthers and State Repression
by Dave Strano

The U.S. government would not have reopened this case if it did not intend 
on sending a message to all those who resist. As we've seen with Operation 
Backfire, the arrests in Auburn, California, FBI harassment of members of 
the Great Plains Anarchist Network in 2004, and in many operations in the 
last ten years, the government is trying to send a clear message. "Don't 
dare stand up."

Jonesing for a Hit of Man Fuel: Of Pigskin Pushers, Football (Fan)atics, and 
Blissful Blindness
By Jason Miller

Paul Allen is a case in point. As owner of the Seattle Seahawks, he is on 
the public dole with the rest of the NFL "billionaires' club". In the year 
2000 Allen insisted that the state of Washington pony up 75% of the $425 
million "necessary" to build a new stadium for his team. His net worth at 
that time? $40 billion. Despite his nearly unlimited financial means, the 
state caved to Allen's demands for fear that he would make good on his 
threats to move the Seahawks.

Other articles of interest

The Case for Anarchy
Charles Demers, TheTyee.ca

No question, the word anarchy freaks people. Yet anarchy -- rule by no 
one -- has always struck me as the same as democracy carried to its logical 
and reasonable conclusions. Of course those who rule -- bosses and 
politicians, capital and the state -- cannot imagine that people could rule 
themselves, for to admit that people can live without authority and rulers 
pulls out the whole underpinnings of their ideology. Once you admit that 
people can -- and do, today, in many spheres of their lives -- run things 
easier, better and more fairly than the corporation and the government can, 
there's no justification for the boss and the premier. I think most of us 
realize and understand that, in our guts, but schools, culture, the police, 
all the authoritarian apparatuses, tell us we need bosses, we need to be 
controlled "for our own good." It's not for our own good -- it's for the 
good of the boss, plain and simple.

Revolution arising from the Earth, Part I
William Kotke, Energy Bulletin

As the industrial system spins toward exhaustion, seeds of change are 
sprouting at the base. The people at the base are not revolting in order to 
take the power that the elite have but are revolting to take power over 
their own lives.

Revolution arising from the Earth, Part II: The Earth speaks
William Kotke, Energy Bulletin

Our success was adaptation to the life of the earth. We also had a culture 
that respected the earth and living things. The proposition is simple: We 
are alive, we live because of the other living things which feed us, we are 
obligated to respect and encourage those other living things so that we too 
can live. Though this simple logic escapes civilization, it is obvious that 
we must begin to fashion a culture that has these values at the center, if 
our species is to survive.

Yes, I Want the United States to Lose
Arthur Silber, Once Upon a Time...

We have committed a monstrous, unforgivable war crime, indeed a countless 
number of war crimes. If you care at all about the sanctity of an individual 
human life, and if you still give a damn, that should matter to you. Nothing 
in the world is more important. So, yes, in the sense I have described, I 
want us to lose.

Death and Dishonor: Bush's New Assassination Order
Chris Floyd, Empire Burlesque

If Iran is not arming their bloodsworn enemies, the Sunni insurgents, and if 
any Shiite group they are assisting is an integral part of the "sovereign" 
Iraqi government backed by the Bush Administration, then what on earth can 
be the purpose of a direct presidential order to the troops to kill Iranians 
in Iraq? The answer is simple: the purpose of the order is to provoke Iran 
into some action that can be trumpeted as a casus belli for the Bush 
Faction's long-planned war against Iran. What Bush has done with this order 
is to turn the American military into his own private death squad.

Our Mercenaries in Iraq: Blackwater, Inc. and the Privatization of the Bush 
War Machine
Jeremy Scahill, CounterPunch

Bush made no mention of the downing of the helicopter during his State of 
the Union speech. But he did address the very issue that has made the war's 
privatization a linchpin of his Iraq policy - the need for more troops. The 
president called on Congress to authorize an increase of about 92,000 
active-duty troops over the next five years. He then slipped in a mention of 
a major initiative that would represent a significant development in the 
U.S. disaster response/reconstruction/war machine: a Civilian Reserve Corps.

Gangsters For Capitalism
Clinton L. Cox, CounterCurrents

General Butler was the most decorated U.S. military officer of his day. His 
experiences helping the United States Government subvert democracy 
throughout the world so that multinational corporations could steal the land 
and resources of other nations, prompted him to write a short but 
politically devastating book, War is a Racket, in 1934. The use of military, 
economic and political power to control weaker nations is a thread that runs 
throughout the history of the United States from the past to the present - 
though most Americans either deny that fact or are ignorant of it.

"Surge" or "Involuntary" Military Conscription: The Neo-Conservative 
Architects of Military Escalation
Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

The "Green Zone" is threatened. The more than 20,000 troops are, according 
to the White House, to be deployed in Baghdad, with a view to securing the 
"Green Zone" enclave. Despite these developments, the decision to 
substantially increase US forces in Iraq is not a makeshift initiative, 
which emerged in response to the evolving crisis in Iraq. It is part of a 
carefully formulated NeoCon agenda to increase the size of US forces and 
reinstate "involuntary" forms of military conscription. Some analysts have 
suggested that the "surge" is intended in relation to a planned war on Iran.

Depleted Uranium Poison Explosions Target US Citizens
Cathy Garger, Axis of Logic

Like most people over 21, you may already know that the United States used 
to "test" nuclear bombs in the NV and NM deserts, right out in the open air. 
If asked, most people would probably be able to tell us that yes indeed, 
both above ground and below ground "nuclear testing" in the United States 
ended years ago. Yet, even though 1992 saw its last nuke bomb "test" inside 
the United States, how many know that our government is still firing 
radioactive explosives into our atmosphere? This fact appears to be one of 
Uncle Sam's "dirtiest" not-so-little, well-kept secrets.

Questionable Conviction of Connecticut Teacher in Pop-up Porn Case
Lindsay Beyerstein, AlterNet

Julie Amero, a 40-year-old substitute teacher from Connecticut is facing up 
to 40 years in prison for exposing her seventh grade class to a cascade of 
pornographic imagery. Amero maintains that she is a victim of a malicious 
software infestation that caused her computer to spawn porn uncontrollably. 
Adware, spyware and other infectious software are known hazards to security 
and privacy -- and when lax cybersecurity meets anti-porn hysteria, a 
mailware infection can even land you in jail.

Outrageous Injustice
Wright Thompson, ESPN

Genarlow Wilson, honor student and football star, had consensual sex with a 
fellow teenager. What happened to him next was a crime.

Taken for a Ride by the Israeli Left
Steven Friedman and Virginia Tilley, Electronic Intifada

[I]t may seem odd that many people working hard for a stable peace in 
Israel-Palestine find Mr. Avnery so immensely irritating. The reason stems 
from his moral contradictions, all too common to liberal Zionism: that is, 
while taking an unflinching moral stand against racist abuses of 
Palestinians, he somehow drops the same principles in assuming that Israel 
itself has a right to preserve its "Jewish character" at the expense of 
Palestinian rights. For it is all too obvious that sustaining an 
"overwhelming" Jewish majority in Israel, essential to preserving its 
"Jewish character," requires that Israel sustain a whole cluster of racist 
practices, such as giant Walls to keep people from mixing and not allowing 
Palestinian exiles to return.


CBS refuses to broadcast Iraq footage

U.S. Military Spied on Hundreds of Antiwar Demos

Dropping like flies: Resignations of U.S. attorneys raise suspicion of 
politically motivated Justice Department purge

Gonzales Appoints Political Loyalists Into Vacant US Attorneys Slots

First criminal convictions from Ohio's stolen 2004 election confirm recount 
was rigged

Who's helping the terrorists?

Leaked Israeli document gives frightening glimpse of apartheid

Keen grasp of the obvious: Earth is being destroyed

Under Water by 2100? Risk of the Rising Sea

Declining oil reserves will impact hugely on energy prices and the way we 
eat and farm

Life after oil will be better

Bono, Who Preaches Charity, Profits From Buyouts, Tax Breaks

Tolerance Fades in Denmark as Christiania Free Town Faces New Era

US sitting on credit volcano

Strict vegan ethics, frosted with hedonism

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